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You’ll Never Have a Better Friend Than Your Mom – so says Garth Brooks: Now On GhostTunes


What do you think a conversation between God and a child getting ready to leave for earth to meet their mom would sound like? I would imagine he might say some of the things Garth Brooks expresses in his soon to be released song “mom.” It’s like a bit of Heaven to listen to.

I know there is no other title that means more to me than to be called “mom.” No matter what phase of motherhood I’m in – I cherish my role. I loved having infants to care for, nurture and cuddle. I loved  most of the parts of having a toddler (potty training and tantrums kinda stunk), but watching a 2-3 year old learn that there’s more than just them in the world was an adventure. Then as they grow and begin school it was amazing to see the phenominal growth and development. My teens were a joy. I cherished when they’d come home from school and share their day with me and I adored watching them develop their own character. We laughed together, cried together and prayed together. Then came college and growing independence. Each one was so eager to leave home and embark on their college career, yet the visits home were cherished times. Now they’re married and have children – lots of them. The role of mother has extended to grandmother. Gosh – I’m going to get all weepy.

Please don’t misunderstand – there were plenty of hiccups along the way, strained emotions, tears, some yelling and some strong expression of opinions (to put it mildly). And those strains haven’t ceased now that they’re all adults and some are facing their own challenges as parents. We’ve had our share of trials and tragedies, but the best part is the dynamic of mother/child we’ve learned to work the problem and face the challenge head on. There’s always a solution, and we’re better if we work together to find it. 

Now, Garth Brooks has put into words and song some of those cherished feelings of motherhood. It’s a tender, thoughtful song from a master songwriter. Garth is also launching his new song sharing, full-service online music platform which offers millions of songs, albums, products and creative bundles from artists across all genres. It’ a gathering place for listeners, artists and the music that connects them. GhostTunes is founded by Garth Brooks, one of the world’s best-selling artists of all times celebrates the personal connection between artists and listeners who live for and love their music. The GhostTunes platform gives fans the freedom to listen to purchased music on the device of their choice while providing artists with a new way to sell their music any way they dream. Experience more at GhostTunes. Plus, enter to win for the chance to see Garth Brooks in concert!

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Compensation was provided by GhostTunes via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of GhostTunes or MomTrends. 

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