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ClubsGalore: Gourmet Gift of the Month Clubs for Mother’s Day


I cannot believe that we are well into April, with Mother’s Day not too far in the future. Where has the year been going? I suppose getting married and moving will do that to ya. Well, my mom’s birthday is in April, and then there’s Mother’s Day in May, which means I have two gifting holidays to be thinking about for mom. I never know what to get my mom unless she specifically tells me, because she really does have just about everything she needs. Then I was approached by ClubsGalore to test out their gourmet gift of the month clubs, as a possible gift idea for Mother’s Day. After testing it out for myself, I think these gift of the month clubs are the coolest thing, and would make for great gifts. 

Grill of the Month Club by ClubsGalore

ClubsGalore has over 40 clubs to choose from, plus their mix & match Variety Club. There are many foodie clubs, but also some fun ones for other hobbyists such as gardening and candles. I could always go for a chocolate club, but this time I decided to try the Grill of the Month Club so I could whip up some tasty meals for the hubby. I don’t purchase nice steaks enough, so I figured why not. I received some delicious looking steaks, enough sausages to feed the whole family, and a beautiful rack of pork ribs.

Rack of Ribs from ClubsGalore

For lunch one day this week, after some fun Spring showers, we decided to break out the grill and cook up the ribs I received from ClubsGalore. The prices are higher than grocery store prices, but you pay for convenience, fun and great quality. We were all impressed, and all was eaten.

Whether you want to try ClubsGalore for yourself, or to gift it to mom for Mother’s Day, there are some different payment options. They are now featuring a new monthly payment option and the print your gift announcement feature (which can be used prior to completing a purchase). You can purchase 3 months to a year of on-going club shipments, or you can make a one-time purchase for yourself, or as a gift.

Rack of RIbs from ClubsGalore

Start thumbing through the clubs and get your order in by April 25th for free shipping! Two day shipping is available between 4/26 and 5/7, and overnight express delivery will be available 5/6 – 5/8. If you’re like me and are all about the free shipping, then aim for the 25th of this month. I would love to hear which club of the month you will be testing (or gifting). It’s so tough to decide, but let me tell ya – those ribs were sure tasty! I’m curious about the gift card of the month club, so that’s on my to-do list.

Save $5 off your first month, plus free shipping when you use code CGMOM5 at checkout. Valid through 5/10/15.

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