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5 Healthy Hair Care Habits for Kids

“I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for SoCozy. I received Target gift cards to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation.” 

SoCozy Hair Care Products for Kids

Not too long ago I shared with you a new hair care product I purchased, to try on Miss Bea’s hair. I discovered SoCozy products at Target, which claimed to be salon quality hair care products for kids. I don’t love spending a lot of money on shampoo and detangler for my kids, but because Bea has such gorgeous red locks (which get tons of compliments wherever we go), I thought it might be nice to invest a little in keeping her hair beautiful. That is, if the product works as well as they claim.

5 Healthy Hair Care Habits for Kids

I will admit that I was very skeptical about spending over $11 per bottle of product for my daughter’s hair. The SoCozy bottles aren’t all that big either. I am here to tell you that it was well worth it. I couldn’t believe the difference in Bea’s hair, just after using SoCozy 3-in-1 (shampoo + conditioner + body wash) a couple of times. I used to need a detangler after bath time, before combining through Bea’s hair. The SoCozy 3 in 1 not only smells good, but we have eliminated detangler on bath nights. We do use the detangler after swimming and on days where bathing doesn’t happen. My daughter’s hair is the smoothest and softest it has ever been! I believe SoCozy products have also given Bea’s hair a nice shine. 

5 Healthy Hair Care Habits for Kids

We have bath night every other night for the kids, and with using SoCozy for over at month, we still have plenty of product left. It is lasting longer than I imagined, and the benefits are greater than I could have thought. It is important to develop healthy hair care habits for kids, and to teach them to properly care for their own hair. Here are a few tips for healthy hair care habits:

  1. Whether at the salon, or at home, establish regular hair cut appointments. Trimming the hair works to keep it healthy.
  2. Teach kids how to properly wash their own hair, while scrubbing the scalp. If using conditioner, only use on the ends and not on the scalp.
  3. If detangling needs to happen, try to do it before baths, using a fine tooth comb. Be gentle and be patient with your little ones.
  4. Spend just a tad more on hair accessories and brushes/combs that won’t pull out the hair. Only use a comb on wet hair, to prevent breaking or damaging long hair.
  5. Use good quality hair care products such as SoCozy, to keep the hair looking and feeling great. It really does make a difference. Kids are people too, and they deserve the confidence boost of having pretty locks.

Most of all,  “Red hair, short hair, pink, curly hair. Being you is SoCozy’s idea of cool. Be you!” Now tag me on Instagram with #cleverhousewife and #SoCozyAtTarget, #TargetStyle, and an upload of your child’s locks, so I can see how SoCozy is treating them! You can also watch this video tutorial for a fun braided tiara!

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