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Universal Studios Without Kids

Universal Studios Hollywood -50th Anniversary

Going to theme parks without kids is a totally different experience. One of the parks that I like to visit with just the hubby is Universal Studios. Granted, my kids are very good theme park goers because they have had lots of experience and practice, but being able to play by our own schedule is so much fun. We were recently treated to some front of the line passes and really got our day’s worth of fun.

I thought I would share with you my must-see attractions when I visit Universal Studios without kids. 

Jurassic Park: The Ride – This ride has one of my all-time favorite drops. The drop is bigger than that of Splash Mountain at Disneyland, and the boat is also bigger. My kids aren’t as big of a fan of the drop and the whole getting wet bit. I recommend going on this ride twice! My favorite Universal Studios Hollywood ride.

Transformers 3D – I am always amazed at how this ride works. You never know if you are going to go ride, left, up, down, etc. It wasn’t until after I went on the ride that I learned you actually go up two stories at some point in the ride. With 3D action going on with IMAX-like screens, it’s pure craziness. Be prepared for a lot of loud noises.

Universal Studios Minions

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem – With kids or not, this fun new 3D experience is entertaining for all ages. Who wouldn’t want to be an apprentice Minion? There is a whole new play area for kids, right around this ride. Because we went sans kids, we didn’t explore this too much on this trip.

Universal Studios WaterWorld Show

WaterWorld Stunt Show – By far the best live action stunt show I have seen. This was my first time seeing the show, and I was blown away. I couldn’t believe the fire, the shooting, and all the action for a theme park show. Definitely check this out because it was extremely entertaining.

Universal Studios Studio Tour

Studio Tour – For a chance to relax your legs and be thoroughly entertained, we love the Backlot Tour. With Jimmy Fallon as the recorded host, all are sure to have a great time. Tours take you through film sets of famous movies and TV shows, and you even get a sneak peek at how some of the action is filmed. Don’t be surprised when you head through the tunnel, as this isn’t your ordinary bus. For a time, you just might feel like you are in the making of King Kong. 

I can’t wait to make another visit to Universal Studios Hollywood! Stay tuned to hear about our visit to Florida’s Universal Studios. I am super excited because California will be getting it’s very own Wizarding World of Harry Potter come 2016. You better believe I will be checking that out.

What are your favorite Universal attractions?

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