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Affordable Kids Furniture and Decor

Affordable Kids Furniture and Decor Bedroom Makeover

Among all of the remodeling Keith and I have been doing, are the kids’ bedrooms. Lucky for us, the kids’ rooms haven’t taken nearly as much work (or money) as the rest of the house. Miss Bea wasn’t thrilled with the avocado green and cow pie brown paint on the walls, and she was in need of new furniture. First up was to tackle the walls with the Revere Pewter that I have throughout the rest of the house. Then it was time to find some affordable kids furniture and decor, which is where my sponsor South Shore Furniture comes in.

Affordable Kids Furniture and Decor

I picked up the furry purple headboard and footboard from a consignment store, and then Keith built a matching doll bed for Bea. Lucky little girl I tell you! “But where am I supposed to put my lava lamp, bedtime stories and nightly cup of water?” Off to hunt for a nightstand, where I learned about South Shore Furniture. They reached out to me just in time!

South Shore Furniture

South Shore Furniture makes affordable furniture for the North American market, but it’s not just the functionality that is to be admired. It is the fun vinyl stickers that the consumer can use to decorate their furniture the way they want. Each piece has custom fit Ottograff stickers that can be applied, or removed, as you wish. 

South Shore Furniture parts

Bea had the choice to keep her nightstand a plain white, or to add the included orange and purple flower. Flowers and color are just what the girl wanted, so that’s what she got. I have to say, I am becoming a pro at putting furniture together, when instructions are included. I have purchased a lot of furniture pieces in my day, that required installation. The South Shore furniture pieces come with excellent instructions, and all of the small pieces come organized and separated. I never felt confused or frustrated at the installation process. It is time consuming of course, but I feel like Bea’s nightstand will hold up nicely.

South Shore Furniture Vinyl Stickers

When the furniture is built, the vinyl stickers can be added, if desired. If you don’t center it quite right, it peels right off, and you can start again. Aside from decorating the furniture, South Shore sells accompanying vinyl stickers for the wall, or other furniture! Flowers, butterflies and hearts, oh my! Miss Bea is super pleased with how her room turned out. It is as girly as she would like, and I couldn’t be more pleased with finding affordable kids furniture and decor, with help from South Shore Furniture. 

Affordable Bedroom Makeover

Worried that affordable furniture means you’ll be replacing it soon, and out even more money? Well, I have learned that with South Shore Furniture comes a 5 year warranty! If any part goes bad, then they will replace it for you, no problem! So what are you waiting for? Happy decorating!

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