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How to Save Your Summer Cracked Heels and Your Stylish Feet

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Saving my Feet from Cracked Summer Heels

With the summer heat, travel, and frequent sandal-wear, my feet are suffering! After I hit 30, I began battling cracked heels, and let me tell you, it’s not a pretty thing. Ugly cracked heels, or bandaged covered heels, don’t make an excellent fashion statement. Because this happens to be the icky state of my feet (regardless of the cute painted toes I have), I have vowed to take sandal breaks and save my summer cracked heels with my stylish, and very comfy Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks. I am fortunate to have Gold Toe sponsor this post, because that means more free socks for me, and I am in love!

On days where the temps are over 100°, and I am out by the pool, or running errands, the socks may not happen. However, most days, I find myself at home working on the computer, doing chores, or snuggled up with my kiddos or hubby. I have decided that during those periods of the day where I am home, I would stop being so lazy and stick on a pair of my new Gold Toe Ultra Soft, Oh. So. Soft. socks. It honestly feels so good to give my feet a break from the sun, the dirt and other elements, by protecting them in socks.

Saving my Feet from Cracked Summer Heels

By wearing such cozy socks in between sandal-wear, I am finding my heels and feet are beginning to feel and look better. Whether I am curled up on the couch with a good book (Finally reading the final book in the Outlander series), or working on my latest blog post, there is no reason I can’t use that time to take care of my tootsies. It helps that the Oh. So. Soft. socks are make with ultra soft microfiber polyester for incredible softness, spandex for the perfect fit and reinforced toes for long lasting durability.

Another option for taking care of your feet in the summer would be to wear socks to bed. I haven’t gone this far, but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures. Lotion up those feet at the end of the day, and slide into these Oh. So. Soft. socks. It is amazing to me how a pair of Gold Toe socks can make one’s feet feel better. The new Oh. So. Soft. line of Gold Toe socks is by far my favorite, to date. They are extremely soft and silky to the touch, and actually make me want to put on socks on a hot day, when I’m relaxing with the A/C on. Then when Fall comes, I’ve got some super stylish low-cut socks to go with my loafers and slides.

Saving my Feet from Cracked Summer Heels

If you are a big wearer of tennis shoes, then be sure to grab the low-cut Gold Toe socks so you can take care of those feet while exercising, hiking, or wherever your journeys take you.


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