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Drive In Style with the Kia K900

One Smooth Ride with the Kia K900

Have you ever had a car that you felt privileged to drive because you knew it was more than you could afford, and it just felt too smooth to be yours? I had such an experience recently where I got to drive in style with the Kia K900. All I had to do was agree to write about my experience. Not a bad trade in this case. I was also very sorry to have to give it back when my week was up. I find myself daydreaming about another drive.

One Smooth Ride with the Kia K900

If I had the money, and didn’t need to tote around 4 kids all the time, the Kia K900 has my name written all over it. Since I had the K900 for a week, I took it on a business trip to Monterey, because such a beautiful, sweet ride deserves to be near the ocean. That was my logic anyway. 

The Kia K900 has some serious power with a V8 engine. It doesn’t take much to “go”. The seats and leg room are all extremely comfortable, and I really got to test that out since I had a 3-4 hour drive, each way. We won’t mention that I made very good time. 

Heads Up Display in the Kia K900

One of my favorite features was the heads-up display. To help drivers keep their eyes on the road, the heads-up display reflects the speed and any navigation you have input into the car’s GPS. Super cool feature! The navigation system worked well for me and got me to where I needed to be, without any hitches.

One Smooth Ride with the Kia K900

The only odd thing, which took a little getting used to, was the gear shift. To put the car in reverse, the shift goes up, and it goes down for drive. Then for park, you actually have to push a button. After a couple of days of driving the K900 I would say I was pretty comfortable with how everything worked.

Smooth Drive in the Kia K900

The kids had a favorite feature as well. They loved the sunroof! It could open all the way, or just enough to get a little breeze coming in. The nice thing about it was that when the roof opened up, a guard came up to protect from bugs. 

All-in-all the Kia K900 is one sweet ride! This luxury sedan has ample trunk space, leg room and all the features one could need for jetting around town, or for hitting the long road.

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