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Spa Treatments and Relaxation at Betty’s Bath & Day Spa – Albuquerque

Betty's Day Spa in Albuquerque, NM

A proper girls’ getaway wouldn’t be complete without spa treatments! On my recent girls’ getaway with sisters and mom, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we were treated to spa treatments and relaxation at Betty’s Bath & Day Spa. When we drove up to the spa we were a little iffy as to what we were getting into, but from the moment we stepped inside, we felt nothing but peace and excitement over the activities to come. 

Betty's Day's Spa - Albuquerque

I have received multiple massages in the past, but never have I been to a spa and received the full treatment – complete with robes, a facial, hot tub, saunas and showers. 

A couple of us gals received facials (me included), a couple had massages, and mom had a wrap. Let me tell ya, there were no complaints from our crew. The staff was all very friendly, and very skilled at what they were doing. I kind of think I should have a facial every month now. My skin has never been better! Not only did the facial and head massage feel incredible, but I was given tips on how to properly care for my face, after my visit. I have stuck to her tips and my break-outs have decreased. 

Betty's Day Spa Ambience

The decor and ambience of the spa were just what was needed to help us unwind and leave our worries behind. I felt giddy as I slipped into my lush robe and walked through the halls to my facial. The hanging vines with perfect lighting were picturesque of what a spa should look like. Having been my first time to a spa, I got excited that it looked as I pictured.

Betty's Day Spa Products and Sitting Area

Before leaving Betty’s Bath & Day Spa, guests are welcome to purchase numerous products that are used throughout the spa. We even sampled a few before leaving. If you are stopping in to pick up a gift certificate, you will find that there are a number of other items that would make an excellent gift. From jewelry to scarves to facial and body scrubs, you can’t go wrong when finding the right gift. I’d personally take them all together! A trip to Betty’s Day Spa was just what the doctor ordered, and fit perfectly with our Los Poblanos Inn stay. 


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