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Earn Extra Cash Working From Home as a Pet Sitter for Rover.com

As a part of the Mom It Forward network, I am being compensated by Rover to help get the word out about their awesome Pet Sitter program!
Earn Extra Cash Working From Home as a Pet Sitter for Rover.com
In our home, our pets are a big part of the family! We just adore our fur-babies and like to make sure that they are well cared for. Because of that, my kids get so anxious about having to leave them behind any time we go out of town. They are convinced that we could easily sneak them into the hotel room with us, and no-one would ever notice. Considering one of our most beloved pets is a pet chicken, I highly doubt that that is the case! 
The only thing that eases the concerns of my kids about leaving our pets, is when they get to meet our pet-sitter. They are sure to tell the pet-sitter in exact detail, every aspect of caring for our animals. After confirming that their pets are in good hands, my kids can enjoy a fun trip without worrying. We have been so grateful for always having had very caring and responsible pet sitters who make our animals feel safe and secure while we are away. They have been a true blessing to us. 

If you are a hardworking and responsible individual who loves animals, you may have the opportunity to be that kind of blessing to someone while earning some extra cash, by working as a pet sitter for Rover. 
Rover is a website that matches pet sitters with local people in need of their services. Their community of over 25,000 Rover sitters are all covered by premium pet insurance (at no extra cost to the sitters) and are able to take advantage of Rover’s 24/7 emergency support team, so you know that each pet will be able to be taken care of in case of emergency. Rover sitters earn, on average, between $1,000-$3300 per month, set their own rates, and work as much or as little as they like, making it a convenient way to earn some extra money working full or part-time. 
To become a Rover sitter simply fill out an online application and set up your Rover profile. You set your own schedule and rates and choose if you want to provide your services at the client’s home or board animals at your own home. Rover provides you with their premium pet insurance plan, training, support services and handles online payments, all for just 15% of your sitting fees. For a limited time, Rover will even help you get started by giving you $5,000 in Rover Bucks for use in attracting new clients to your profile. 
To use Rover to help you find a pet sitter in your area, simply go onto their website and type in your zip code and the dates that you need services for, then search through listings of pet sitters near you. You can view photos, read their descriptions and read client reviews to help you find the perfect pet sitter for your needs. Making sure that your fur baby is well taken care of while you are away has never been easier! 
To learn more about becoming a pet sitter check out this helpful resource from Rover. 
Or check out Rover.com to learn more about finding a pet sitter in your area and to get a coupon code for your dog’s first night free!
Also be sure to check out Rover’s Facebook and Twitter pages and follow @roverdotcom on Instagram for updates and more. Who can resist cute pet photos anyway?

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