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Halloween in Colonial Williamsburg

Halloween in Colonial Williamsburg

It has always been on my list to visit Colonial Williamsburg, but never had I imagined visiting during Halloween. Williamsburg holds a lot of things in mind for me, and Halloween never was one of them. What a treat it was to be one of the very first to experience Halloween in Colonial Williamsburg! I am excited to tell you all about my quick, but full weekend with American Heritage Chocolate. While this was an all-expense paid trip, all opinions are my own, and boy was it a great time.

Candlelight dinner at King's Arms Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg

I arrived right at dinnertime, and the town was rehearsing for Halloween night. I could see history and spooky coming together quite nicely. We dined at King’s Arms Tavern, where I was introduced to candelight dining, home-brewed rootbeer and a little live music. Quite a nice introduction to Colonial Williamsburg, and I must say the peppermint stick ice cream did not disappoint either. 

Colonial Williamsburg

With a full day to explore, I had a lot of ground to cover, and that I did. I couldn’t possibly see it all, but a few highlights include:

Great Hopes Plantation in Colonial Williamsburg

The Great Hopes Plantation. Just beyond the Visitor Center lies the Great Hopes Plantation, which is a living plantation. Everything on the plantation is just as it would have been in history. We watched the oxen work and the women cook, with that which would have been available to them in an olden time. It was quite fascinating, and the weather couldn’t have been more beautiful to make it a peaceful day on the farm.

The Cheese Shop cheese platter in Colonial Williamsburg

The Cheese Shop in Merchants Square – because who doesn’t like cheese? Sandwiches were delicious, cheese and crackers were scrumptious and the variety of bar cookies we sampled were equally amazing.

Drinking Chocolate at R Charlton Coffeehouse in Colonial Williamsburg

Sampling drinking chocolate in the R Charlton Coffeehouse, and experiencing the history of chocolate itself. I loved learning about American Heritage Chocolate and how closely it represents chocolate that would have been consumed in historical times. A simpler chocolate – a richer chocolate. It was so fun to sit around with our miniature coffee cups and drink very rich chocolate, which is actually how people started their day once upon a time. I’m thinking I should bring this tradition back.

The Taste Studio in Colonial Williamsburg

The Taste Studio with Chef Anthony and Chef Rodney. On weekends, visitors can take cooking classes here, and also sample some of the delicious tastings that the chefs work up in their kitchen that day. We got to sample a variety of goodies, all made with American Heritage Chocolate. Such a treat.

Haunting on Dog Street in Colonial Williamsburg

Lastly, the Haunting on Dog Street. The first of it’s kind, I was unsure of what to expect. We waited quite a long time outside the old courthouse, but it was quite the experience. Early in the evening was trick-or-treating for the kids, and then the street became haunted for the grown-ups. Really not too frightening, and almost comical at times. What was really neat was the takeover of the courthouse. It was a long line, but worth the wait. Inside was a full-fledged experience with actors, reenacting Blackbeard’s Revenge, which afterall, did take place in Colonial Williamsburg.

The Lodge in Colonial Williamsburg

I honestly could not believe how much there was to see and do in such a small town, but Colonial Williamsburg has it all. From my accommodations at The Lodge, to every meal, to the friendly people, everything was perfect, and I can’t wait to take my kids there. Someday. 


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