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A Husband’s Guide to Buying Jewelry

Written by Emily Buys

A Husband's Guide to Buying Jewelry

Ok men, You want to get the special lady in your life an equally special gift. You figure that you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous piece of jewelry (and you are probably right). However each piece of jewelry has it’s own unique cut, style and design and matching it to the unique style of the lady you love, takes some real thought and effort.
It is all worth the extra thought and effort though, because when you get it right, it’s an amazing moment. When a lady opens up that tiny jewelry box and sets her eyes for the first time upon a piece of jewelry that feels as though it was designed exclusively for her, that moment is pure magic. That is a take-her-breath-away, never-forgotten, I-feel-so-loved, kind of moment.
To help you achieve that kind of moment for the special lady in your life, here is a clever reference guide to help you find the perfect jewelry fit for her. And because she deserves the best, be sure to find the perfect piece for her from Zales. With more than 90 years as a leading brand name in jewelry, Zales offers a broad selection of classic and contemporary designs and the perfect piece for any sense of style.

A Husband's Guide to Buying Jewelry
Classic: A woman with a classic style is the type of woman who has timeless grace and elegance. She has a sophisticated style that rarely changes with fads. A little black dress and simple up-do is all it takes for this lady to look like a star. For this woman, I would choose a piece that has simple, clean lines and a large, defined stone that stands apart from the rest. Also look for pieces that are delicate and intricate, as her elegant style will make those details pop!
My recommendations:
A Husband's Guide to Buying Jewelry
Modern: this woman is a trendsetter. She has an incredible intuition for knowing what colors work well together, and her friends are always coming to her for fashion advice. When buying jewelry for this woman, think outside of the traditional pieces. I would try to find a piece with an unusual shaped designed (perhaps an oval or square design) and might consider a piece that mixes two metallic colors.
My recommendations:
A Husband's Guide to Buying Jewelry
Practical: This lady is always on the go! Whether it’s heading to the gym, taking the kids to rehearsal or doing one of the other million things on her to-do list, she just gets it done! She likes to dress up and always looks nice, but also doesn’t have a lot of extra time to spend on piecing together the perfect ensemble. For this lady, an ideal piece would be a traditional design that goes well with a variety of outfits. I would pick something that is simple enough to wear to work, but elegant enough to add the perfect amount of sparkle for a night out.
My recommendations:
For more inspiration on the perfect item to wow the lady in your life, be sure to visit Zales online and check them out on your favorite social media outlets.
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