Great Moments in Chocolate History Cookbook Giveaway

Great Moments In Chocolate History

In my limited travels throughout the world, I’ve been exposed to a variety of chocolate. No matter where I go chocolate is my favorite indulgence. No doubt about it. And now I’ve been introduced to AMERICAN HERITAGE Chocolate – a chocolate that tells history’s story. If you want to take your chocolate recipes back in time, and a step beyond the common, the Great Moments in Chocolate History book and cookbook is the perfect gift for you. 

Great Moments in Chocolate History features 20 classic recipes from around the world, but inside you will also find chocolate fun facts, gorgeous photos and the untold story of that delicious goodness we all know as chocolate. 

AMERICAN HERITAGE Drinking Chocolate

I personally just learned that M&Ms were invented for WWII soldiers as the chocolate that wouldn’t melt in their hands. So many cool facts surrounding chocolate’s history – who loved it, who had their own personal chocolate makers, and much more. Thomas Jefferson even predicted that drinking chocolate would become more popular than coffee. What do you think – has that prediction come true?


AMERICAN HERITAGE chocolate, and the new Great Moments in Chocolate History book can be purchased at over 160 living history sites, but you can also purchase the book online for $19.95. AMERICAN HERITAGE chocolate was created by Mars Chocolate North America to educate people about the history of our nation through chocolate. I don’t know about you, but I learn better when I’m fed. Now you can take that chocolate home and bake with it with some fantastic recipes from the book. I have already used it in my grandpa’s homemade fudge recipe, and I loved the outcome. Some say they can taste banana in the chocolate, while others can taste different fruits and spices. Definitely a fun ride for your taste buds.

One lucky Clever Housewife reader gets the opportunity to win a copy of the Greatest Moments in Chocolate History book. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm PT on 12/12. To enter, fill out the form below.

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