Killing Boredom with Bold New Flavors from Emerald Nuts

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Killing Boredom with Bold New Flavors from Emerald Nuts

“What do we have to eat, Mom?” and “I’m boooored!” We’ve all heard it, right? Nearly every single day in my house! My kids come home from school and they are hungry, and they want to be wowed. They don’t want they same ol’, same ol’. I guess I have sent them to the refrigerator for cheese sticks, and to the cupboard for crackers, one too many times. They are just about done with cheese sticks and crackers, so I have teamed up with a sponsor to see how can kill boredom with the bold new flavors from Emerald® Nuts

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You see, we have had a lot of wet and chilly days lately. That means kids are indoors, and on top of each other. The boredom factor sets in so much faster. Any chance the sun peeks through, my husband is telling the kids to head outside and make some fun happen. That’s exactly why we just put an offer on 5 acres of land. Endless fun to be had outside, and that’s where we want the wholesome creativity to happen. Now we just need to tackle that hungry factor.

Killing Boredom with Bold New Flavors from Emerald Nuts

Before my kids head out the door with their soccer ball, they need a snack in their hand, obviously. Well I have a new solution. Instead of hours of snacking on mild and boring flavors, and little to drink, I am of the mindset that if the kids get something truly flavorful right off the bat, then the snacking will be less, and their water intake will also be more. Their tastebuds will be happy, and their satisfaction will go up.

Killing Boredom with Bold New Flavors from Emerald Nuts

I’m testing out my theory. See, my kiddos can handle flavor, and with four bold new cashew flavors from Emerald Nuts, we are about set. We are a household of cashew lovers, and these new flavors satisfy those tastebuds quickly! Dill Pickle, Jalapeno, Sriracha and Salt & Pepper – oh my! Each variety combines the buttery crunch of Emerald Cashews with a robust new flavor, and we seriously are all big fans.

Killing Boredom with Bold New Flavors from Emerald Nuts

Because let’s be honest, we all have that endless snacking habit we need to kick, so I have a basketful of Emerald Nut varieties right next to my purse. We can grab from the 100 calorie packs, or the resealable bag if we’re planning to share, and head out the door with snacks in hand. The new flavors are super fun, and when the kids get a taste of the jalapeño and sriracha cashews, I get more water intake from them! Mom-win!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Emerald®.

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