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Spring Forward Your Health: 4 Ways to Reset Unhealthy Habits

 Spring Forward Your Health: 4 Ways to Reset Unhealthy Habits
It’s no secret that I am not the biggest fan of Daylight Savings Time. It always seems like it disrupts my schedule and I hate resetting the clocks on my oven and in my car. While it’s been almost a week past the daylight savings time change, and I still haven’t changed my clocks in either of them, I have noticed a change in my “body-clock” and am trying to use that to my advantage to reset unhealthy habits that I have gotten into over the winter.
Here are a few ways that I am using the time change spring forward my health:

1. Extra Evening Hours- Despite all of my negativity against the time change, I will admit that it’s really nice to have that extra sunlight in the evening times. I am trying to make the most of it by ending my day with a nice evening walk, rather then sitting in front of the TV. It’s so refreshing and revitalizing to end the day out in nature, not to mention a great way to get in a little extra exercise.
Spring Forward Your Health: 4 Ways to Reset Unhealthy Habits
2. Sleep It Off- I have heard that daylight savings time can have the same effect on your body as jet lag. I have certainly felt that all this week! I have felt tired and so worn out all week. But, the good thing about that is, that feeling has forced me into bed way earlier than I normally would, which has made me more able to meet my goal of waking up early. If you are still feeling a little post-savings-time grogginess, try going to bed nice and early one night and setting you alarm for an earlier wake-up time. It might be just the “reset” that you have been looking for to get into a better sleep habit. 
Spring Forward Your Health: 4 Ways to Reset Unhealthy Habits
3. Resetting the Snack Schedule- When it comes to eating, I am a big time “snacker”. I do pretty good at eating healthy well-balanced meals, but when it comes to reaching for healthy snacks, I tend to slip-up way too often. For me, so much of it is a mental challenge. For example, 4 pm is the worst time for me! As soon as that time hits, I go hunting for the unhealthy snacks! However, thanks to daylight savings time, 3 pm is the the 4 pm for my body clock and with that change, I am trying to change my entire attitude about afternoon snacking.When the afternoon cravings hit, I am trying to reach for healthy snacks that satisfy.
Spring Forward Your Health: 4 Ways to Reset Unhealthy Habits
One snack that is helping me do this are Vlasic pickles. Vlasic pickles offer a yummy, crunchy snack and are a healthier alternative to chips, and keep your mouth busy at craving time. Vlasic pickles are low in calories, carbs and fats, making them a snack that you can feel good about munching on rather than traditional salty snack options. With a variety of flavor options, such as Dill, Bread & Butter, Sweet Gherkins, and new Bold & Spicy Heat Stackers, there’s a pickle to fill all of your cravings.
4. Goal Check Point- Remember way way back in January when you made all of those healthy New Years Resolutions? Mine are still sitting on that paper I optimistically placed on my fridge on January 1st, with little or no progress made towards achieving any of them. Spring and Fall daylight savings times are a great reminder to pull those papers off of the fridge again, and re-evaluate what needs to be done to make those dreams a reality. 
This spring by taking some time to get some extra exercise, changing your sleep habits, watching your snacking choices, and adjusting your goals, this year’s daylight savings time can be a time for positive change for you! 

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