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Broadway’s Cinderella Comes to San Francisco


Broadway's Cinderella comes to San Francisco

With Miss Bea’s 7th birthday coming up,  my mom and I thought the perfect way to celebrate would be a girl’s night out to see Broadway’s Cinderella, in San Francisco. Opening night of a new show is always so exciting, and experiencing that with my girl, and my mom, was a real treat.

I am such a lover of music and the arts, so I always jump at the opportunity to attend a musical. I love to marvel in storytelling through music, and the impressive costumes and acting only add to the magic. The new book for Cinderella brings heart, passion, boldness, and laughter!
Broadway's Cinderella comes to San Francisco

Enjoy some of the original Rodgers + Hammerstein songs from Cinderella made for television, but there are some new songs to fall in love with too. The new story is not all predictable as one would think. With a sympathetic stepsister, and a ruler who wants to improve his kingdom, Ella is able to make big dreams come true, for herself and others.

The thing that impressed me the most, aside from the vocals that were all spot on, were the on-stage dress changes. We practically got a magic show in addition to all the greatness already presented. I can’t wrap my head around how Cinderella was able to go from drab to fab, and back again, without anyone noticing how!

Cinderella is only at the San Francisco Orpheum theatre until May 8th, so hurry and get your tickets. It’s a show not to be missed! Oh, and Miss Bea LOVED the show and thinks all little girls need to go see Cinderella ASAP!

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