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Chatting with the Bizaardvark Cast

Chatting with the Bizaardvark Cast

Bizaardvark is the new live-action comedy on Disney Channel, and I really hope you’ve seen it! This is a show I like to sit down and watch with the kids. Bizaardvark aired on June 24th, with Olivia Rodrigo and Madison Hu as video blogging besties Paige and Frankie.  The whole show embraces weirdness as Paige and Frankie write funny songs and create music comedy videos for their online channel, “Bizaardvark.” Just last month, I got to sit down with the Bizaardvark cast and creators and chat about weirdness and growing up.

Chatting with the Bizaardvark Cast

During our sit down with Olivia and Madison, Jake Paul, DeVore Ledridge, and Ethan Wacker, we talked about what it’s like to grow up and try to fit in, but also their roles in and outside of the show. 

Chatting with the Bizaardvark Cast

Do the cast members have their own Youtube Channels?

When asked if any of the cast had their own channels, outside of the show, we learned that Ethan recently started a channel with a few friends. He turns to Jake Paul (Vine star with over 1 billion followers) for tips and tricks, and heads home from set to work on video editing. “It’s always fun to come to work, and then head home and edit.” DeVore used to have her own channel with beauty and makeup tips, but realizes now it was kind of cheesy. 

Chatting with the Bizaardvark Cast

Does the cast of input in their roles?

We asked if the cast has their own input in their role, or songs, and Madison and Olivia said they ad-lib quite a bit. “We have a lot of freedom to add their personal touches.”

Chatting with the Bizaardvark Cast

Why families should tune in

The cast thinks families should tune into Bizaardvark because it’s social-media oriented, brand new (not done bef0re), and shows you can follow your dreams.


(Disney Channel/Ron Tom)

“Bizaardvark” moves to its regular timeslot on Sundays at 8:30pm ET! Tune in this Sunday with the new episode, “Draw My Life,” where Amelia gives Frankie and Paige tips to produce their next video, which has to tell the story of how the two met and created their channel. Meanwhile, Bernie tries to help Dirk overcome his worse fear. For the “Dare Me Bro”, this has got to be big! 

I can’t wait to see what funny music videos are in the next episode. I still laugh at the first episode’s “Comeback Song”! Follow @DisBizaardvark on Twitter to stay up to date!

I received an all expense paid trip, for the purposes of scoping out Finding Dory and Bizaardvark. All opinions are my own.

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