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Sinus and Allergy Help from my Online Doctor at Amwell


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Some days I feel like getting old just stinks. With age and time I have developed serious allergies! I managed to live 30 years without a single sniffle or itch due to allergies, then they hit me with full force. During this past spring I begged my doctor for an allergy shot, which did wonders for me last year. This year – not so much. I’ve been fed up with the headaches and sinus pressure, so while I wait for my referral to an Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist I decided to get sinus and allergy help from my online doctor at Amwell.

Sinus and Allergy Aid from my Online Doctor at Amwell

When my headaches and migraines hit, I don’t feel like getting behind the wheel and sitting and waiting in a doctor’s office. Who does? I’ve used American Well (Amwell) a few times, and I love it! Whether you want to call in on your phone or computer, you can reach an online doctor 24/7. Pick a doctor by their specialty, or just pick who is ready the fastest!

Sinus and Allergy Aid from my Online Doctor at Amwell

Today, I had had enough of these headaches and took the first doc who could see me, which happened to be Doctor Ronald Simmons. I gave him my background, what my local doctor has already done and prescribed, and asked for some advice. I love that Dr. Simmons first instinct wasn’t to prescribe me more meds but to get some allergy testing. Now everyone’s situation and health is different, but for the constant sinus pressure here is what was recommended:

Sinus and Allergy Help

  1. Get a Neti Pot and rinse out those sinuses.
  2. After using the Neti Pot, purchase an over-the-counter nasal spray such as Flonase. I’d used this before, but was using it incorrectly. The trick is to lean forward and don’t inhale sharply, so the spray doesn’t drain down the throat.

I picked up both items at the store today and I’m well underway with these practices. I hope they help!

Some cool things to note about using the online doctors at Amwell:

  1. You use the camera on your phone or computer to have a two-way video call with your doctor.
  2. When you are signing up for your appointment, you can opt to send photos if you need to, to show the doctor a rash, or anything else you might need.
  3. They take some health insurances.
  4. Appointments are only $49 cash!
  5. Wait times are usually quite short.
  6. Amwell is good for adults and children, and can even be used for psychology appointments.
  7. Use promo code TELEVISIT22 to get your next visit for just $1!

Next time you want to skip the wait at your local doc’s office, give Amwell a try for just $1. Let me know what you think. Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article about Amwell and it states Amwell is positioning itself to be the Amazon of health care! That’s pretty incredible right there!

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