Back to School Prep: 4 Areas to Declutter

Back to School Prep: 4 Areas to Declutter

School starts for us next week, so I have declared this week “Organize the House” week! After a fun and busy summer, a few areas of my house have gotten disheveled. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, so I want to share some back to school prep tips with 4 areas to declutter. With Hefty® as my sponsor for decluttering, we’ll have you well on your way to a smooth transition from summer to school.

After being inspired by the Hefty® Olympics I recently attended, I decided to arm my family with some Hefty® trash bags. With cheers of “Hefty, Hefty, Hefty” we are going around the house looking for trash, or items to donate.Back to School Prep

The new Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags are the perfect tools for back-to-school prep, and decluttering! They have active tear resistant technology for better puncture-resistance, which is great for throwing away odd shaped or heavy items. They are also now available in ARM & HAMMER™ patented odor neutralizer and Fresh, invigorating scents, including Clean Burst™, Tropical Paradise™, Lavender & Sweet Vanilla™, White Pine Breeze™, Crisp Orchard Apple™, Citrus Twist™, Pomegranate Mist™ and Scent Free that make even the stickiest of jobs a fresh breeze. Thanks to a few views of the new Hefty® ads featuring their new spokesman, John Cena, my kids feel motivated and pumped up to get this job done!

Here are my top 5 areas to put through a purge before we head back to school:

Back to School Prep: 4 Areas to Declutter

1. The Car: my car has taken us to the beach, the mountains and many trips to the pool this summer. (All of the fun is taking it’s toll on my poor car). Time to recycle all of those plastic water bottles, clean out the trash, and get the car looking car-pool lane ready for back-to-school.

2. The Closet: Before we head to the mall for back-to-school clothes shopping, I am going through the kids’ closets and donating anything that is too small (and throw away all of those jeans with holes in the knees).

Back to School Prep: 4 Areas to Declutter

3. The sock drawer: how is it that ALL of my kids’ socks are either mismatched or looking like they could be entered into some kind of stinky sock contest? I’m going through the sock drawers and giving the socks one last chance to find their match, and throwing the lonely and stinky ones away (thank you scented Hefty® bags)! Now to start the kids fresh with a few new packs of socks.

Hefty Event

4. The Desk/Homework area: It’s been nice to close the drawer on all of the papers and homework in the desk, but it’s time to face the music. The homework area is going to be busy again soon, so I’m decluttering and throwing away all chewed up pencils and crayons, and last year’s school papers.

5. After School Snack Shelf: There is a shelf in my closet that I keep all of my kids’ snacks on, but it is a little questionable right now. After a summer of ravishingly hungry kids who keep raiding the snack shelf and can’t seem to remember to throw empty snack boxes away, this shelf needs a definite purge.

Guess that Scent with Hefty

I’m hoping that an intense week full of purging and decluttering will leave our house feeling fresh, clean and ready for a new school year. Be sure to check out the new Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags in all of the amazing new scents. No back-to-school decluttering is too stinky!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hefty® Ultra Strong™ trash bags.

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