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Wake Island Waterpark for Serious Water Fun


Wake Island Waterpark in Northern California, for Serious Water Fun

Summer is winding down  😥 , but there’s still plenty of warm days ahead in sunny California to sneak in more outdoor water fun. Recently, I took the family to Wake Island Waterpark in Pleasant Grove, CA – just north of Sacramento. And . . . we had a BLAST! It’s just a short drive from home, in a place you wouldn’t expect, out in the country surrounded by rice fields. In just the past few years, they’ve created a fabulous venue for water fun.

You can plan to spend the whole day, or you can visit Wake Island Waterpark for just a few hours. It’s not like your typical water park, oh no, this place is more like a water obstacle course you’d see on a TV show, but you get to be the participant. You have to watch their video to understand what it’s all about. Wake Island Water Park boasts the largest floating AQUA PARK in North America. It’s an enormous “floating playground” designed for fun and adventure. The equipment is state-of-the-art and it’s great for all ages!

Wake Island Waterpark in Northern California, for Serious Water Fun

On one side, there’s the wakeboard course – no boats involved, but a pulley cable system to take you on a loop course of wakeboarding. It was fascinating to watch. We didn’t have time to try it out, but we will surely be back.

Wake Island Waterpark in Northern California, for Serious Water Fun

Then on the other side there’s a man-made lake with an inflatable obstacle course. You pay for a 45 min session. That may not sound like very long, but believe me, it was plenty long and you’ll feel spent and exhilarated when you finished. Some of the obstacles were difficult for the adults, but the kids managed just fine. We laughed our heads off, helped one another, and felt great when we got through some of the more difficult spots. 

Wake Island Waterpark in Northern California, for Serious Water Fun

For an extra fee you can go to another section of lake (near the aqua park) and opt for paddle boats, stand-up paddle boarding, hamster wheels, kayaking – you name it. We tried it all! There’s also a beach/swim area and beach volleyball.  Don’t forget the reasonably priced food. Looking for the top paddle boards for stand up paddle surfing and flatwater standup paddle boarding, check out this Onyx Motion Paddle Sports reviews here for more info!

Wake Island Waterpark in Northern California, for Serious Water Fun

When we arrived, we staked out our spot on the sand at the beach – be sure to take your assorted beach gear; beach chairs, towels, blanket, umbrella, sunscreen etc, then we had a short wait for our time on the course. Once our time arrived, they gave us life jackets and safety instructions, and we made the short swim out to the course and began the whackyness. Even Grandma came along and gave it all a whirl. She was laughing too much to accomplish many of the obstacles, which in turn made us laugh.

After our time on the course, we headed over to the hamster wheels and stand-up paddle boards. I’d never done that before, but now I can say I have. It was tons of fun. It was a very hot day, but we had so much fun in the water that no one noticed. 

Wake Island is the perfect place for Family Fun, a Birthday Party, a group of teens or young adults looking for something new, or even a companynevent. Check out their website for pricing and hours and make a plan to go before our beautiful summer ends. 

Thanks Wake Island for a great day outdoors!

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