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Reclaim an Active Lifestyle


Reclaim an Active Lifestyle

When raising a bunch of active children, it doesn’t do much good to sit around on the couch. Being a parent is all about enjoying the moment with our kids, at least if we’re doing things right. I spend a lot of time attending soccer practices, games, dance practice and recitals, but what about joining in the fun?

The kids shouldn’t get to have all the fun, but sometimes health and life get in the way. If you suffer from light bladder leakage then you might be too insecure to get out there with the kiddos, for fear of leakage! Let me share my secret to reclaim an active lifestyle, so you no longer have to sit on the sidelines.

Reclaim an Active Lifestyle

My secret weapon for light bladder leakage is Poise Impressa┬« Bladder Supports, which I pick up at Walmart, during my regular shopping trips. Nobody wants to run around the yard  or field with a pad on – am I right? Talk about annoying and uncomfortable! 

Reclaim an Active Lifestyle

You can #TrustImpressa to have your back no matter what activity you do because Impressa stops the leak before it ever happens! Impressa is inserted just like a tampon, it’s purpose is to apply pressure on the urethra, to stop the leakage, instead of absorb it. If you are new to the product, you can pick up a sizing kit at Walmart, and begin with the size 1. If you still experience leakage, then move up to the 2, then to the 3 if needed. Your jean size does not determine the size Impressa you might need, so follow the instructions found in the sizing kit. 

Now when my boys are out playing in the yard and beg me to come play, I can do so without ever fearing light bladder leakage. I find I’m happiest when I let loose every now and then, and ditch the plan to live in the moment. If there’s a product out there to help women live more confidently, then I’m all for it!

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