How My Tweens Are Crushing It In Soccer


How My Tweens Are Crushing It In Soccer

I currently have a houseful of tweens and soccer fanatics. Soccer season is a favorite in my family, and is long awaited through the rest of the year. For my twin boys especially, I feel like they are always thinking and dreaming of soccer. They love the pro soccer teams, and are constantly asking for new soccer jerseys, but they also aspire to be like the pros. My 12 year old equally loves soccer, but isn’t quite as obsessed with the professionals.

I’m pleased to report that all three of my boys are super talented on the soccer field. So, how are my tweens crushing it in soccer? Here is what we do to prepare:

  1. Practice! One can’t get out on the game field and expect to crush it without the proper practice. We take the boys to two practices each week, where they practice drills and also scrimmage. I can’t even begin to tell you how often I can the boys practicing footwork and tricks in the yard, when they aren’t at practice. The ball is always getting kicked around – even on the trampoline!

How My Tweens Are Crushing It In Soccer

2. Fueling up with appropriate snacks. My kids seriously love yogurt, and I feel like I can never keep enough of it on hand. We absolutely love the new Yopait Go Big pouches because they are a good size – not leaving the kids needing more. As a mom, I love the Go Big pouches because there is no high fructose corn syrup (a goal of mine is to eliminate this from our household). Go Big has no artificial colors, is made with real fruit, is a good source of calcium, and is made with the teen/tween in mind! We pick them up at Walmart, Target, or the local grocery store – they’re easy to find in the yogurt section.

3. Cheer team! Every athlete needs a good cheering section. The whole family goes to each of the boys’ games, and grandma and grandpa even made the drive down as often as they can. I make sure to prep my vocal cords for lots of cheering, and it seems to give the boys the boost in confidence they need. I’m not a silent sideline mom, and I’m okay with that!

How My Tweens Are Crushing It In Soccer

4. Hydration. Being out in the sun and on the run, water is so important! Because we like our products as wholesome as we can get them, we enjoy our Boxed Water. The boys on the field, and the viewers on the sideline all come prepared with our Boxed Water, so noone is left thirsty or dehydrated. The resealable lid is a must, too. 

How My Tweens Are Crushing It In Soccer

Go Big has encouraged others to write a letter to their teen or tween, sharing what makes them amazing, in your eyes. Here’s just a bit of my letter to my 12 year old, who could use a bit of encouragement as he gets used to a new school and a move.

“Dear Kelman,

I can only begin to tell you how proud of you I am. You have endured so much, for such a young man, and it has been a joy to watch you grow. I can see your anxieties come through at times, which is why it is so exciting to watch you crush it on the soccer field. You are so completely you, and incredibly awesome when you get on the field, with a ball at your foot. I love watching you reach your dreams, and be fearless! I’m excited for the many years to come where I get to continue watching you grow.”


Visit the Yoplait Go Big Facebook page and share what makes your teen amazing, for a chance to win $3,000! Keep encouraging your child to be unique and achieve their dreams.

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