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5 Minute Dinner: 6 Macaroni and Cheese Mix-ins


5 Minute Dinner: 6 Macaroni and Cheese Mix-ins

Macaroni and Cheese has been a longtime family favorite. The kids will take it out of a box, homemade, or even somewhere in the middle. As long as it’s got noodles and cheese, the kids are happy. I personally like to feed my family a meal where I apply at least a little bit of effort, and can add my own touches. Lately we’ve been extremely busy, and I joke that October has been my busiest month out of the year. With little time for dinner most nights, I’ve turned to Three Bridges Creamy Cheddar Macaroni & Cheese Kit.

5 Minute Dinner: 6 Macaroni and Cheese Mix-ins

The Mac & Cheese Kit is fantastic because it takes literally 3 minutes to put together/make, and it tastes like homemade macaroni and cheese. What’s even better is moms and dads can feel good about this first ever refrigerated Mac & Cheese  because there is absolutely nothing artificial about it. Three Bridges Mac & Cheese is made with simple and clean ingredients, and is completely BST-free (goodbye, mystery cheese dust!).

5 Minute Dinner: 6 Macaroni and Cheese Mix-ins

So, where do my personal touches to a fantastically easy meal come in? Who doesn’t love Macaroni and Cheese Mix-ins? I decided to get creative in the kitchen this week, and dig through my refrigerator and cupboards and came up with 6 different mix-ins the family might like.

5 Minute Dinner: 6 Macaroni and Cheese Mix-ins

I suggest having a Mac & Cheese bar where everyone can select their own mix-ins. Add one, or even a few, but if you have picky ones in the family, they can leave their Three Bridges Mac & Cheese as-is, and they’re still in for a treat. With just a couple of added minutes to chop and prepare the mix-ins, you’ve still got an easy dinner in 5 minutes! Here are the mix-ins I came up with:

  • Spicy sausage (or regular hot dogs)
  • Chopped bell pepper
  • Diced green chiles
  • Sliced black olives
  • Cooked broccoli
  • Chopped sun-dried tomatoes

What would you mix into your easy Mac & Cheese dinner? Pick up the new kits in the refrigerator section of your grocery store, starting this month!

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