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Put Me In The Story with Disney’s Dream Big Princess Book


Put Me In The Story

A love of reading is a wonderful gift we can give our children. When I was a kid, I could always be found with my nose in a book. Unfortunately as I got older, other things (boys and a social life) grabbed my interest, and I began to read less and less. I still love a good book, but have a difficult time squeezing one in. Even if I don’t take the time to read for myself, I will always at least read to my children. Luckily my daughter, Bea, loves to read! My husband and I thought we would surprise her with a special kind of book. Put Me In The Story is a fantastic way to get kids intrigued in books because there are personal surprises throughout.

Put Me In The Story with Disney's Dream Big Princess Book

What little girl (or boy) wouldn’t love to open up a book and have it address them by name, throughout the entire thing? Put Me In The Story does just that To top it off, the purchaser can even upload photos of their reader, to be added to the beginning and end of the book. They’ve come out with a new book where your little one can share their adventures and dreams as they explore the stories of the 11 Disney Princesses in Disney’s Dream Big Princess book.

Put Me In The Story with Disney's Dream Big Princess Book

Keith and I gifted Princess Bea Disney’s Dream Big Princess book, which allowed us to start the book off with a personalized letter and Princess Passport. As Bea reads through the book she gets to meet each princess and check off her passport as she does. Many of the pages even have activities for the reader to complete, before turning the next page. Readers can write down (in the book) their own dream restaurant’s menu, alongside Princess Tiana.

Put Me In The Story with Disney's Dream Big Princess Book

I love that Brielle gets to not only pursue her love of reading, but gets to use her creativity and write down her own hopes and dreams. This book promotes so many excellent qualities in our children. Bea loved getting her book and immediately snuggled up with her grandma, and began reading. It didn’t take long before she was begging for a pencil so she could participate in the book’s activities. I think she was in awe that the book could and did actually call her by name so many times.

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