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Testing the Samsung StormWash Model 5050 Dishwasher

Written by Emily Buys

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Testing the Samsung StormWash Model 5050 Dishwasher

I recently bought this beautiful Victorian house that was built in 1878. Much of it had been remodeled and up-to-date, and fortunately the house had been modernized with creature comforts such as indoor plumbing. My kitchen had an existing dishwasher, but it was so old the brand is no longer found in stores. I love using dishwasher pods and the old model wasn’t a fan of them, nor could it hold many dishes, or get them very clean. The timing was perfect because Best Buy asked me to review the new Samsung StormWash Model 5050 Dishwasher. I jumped at the opportunity!

Testing the Samsung StormWash Model 5050 Dishwasher

I love my new dishwasher, and here just a few of the reasons:

  • It’s quiet, with a 48-dBA rating
  • Complete with FlexLoad™ racking. This means there is a flexible racking system which makes it easy to fit various dishware shapes and sizes. The top rack can be raised or lowered, making more room on top or bottom. Then there are tines on the bottom rack that can be folded over, making room for large pots and pans or bowls. I can fit so much more in this dishwasher than my last – which is amazing because they were the same size!
  • I don’t have to pre-wash dishes! This is huge, people! The StormWash part of this dishwasher means it can get the messiest of pots and pans clean.
  • The AutoDoor Release™ is heavenly because when the washing is done, the door automatically pops open to circulate air and accelerate drying time. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened up a dishwasher to get a clean dish out of it, only to be burned by the hot steam. No more!

Testing the Samsung StormWash Model 5050 Dishwasher

What more could you ask for in a dishwasher? Well, I do have to say I love the stainless steel, as it goes beautifully in my kitchen. I’m still getting used to the buttons on top of the door, which need to be pressed before closing the door. I’ll get there. Luckily there is an easy-to-grab pocket handle for opening and closing the door. 

Testing the Samsung StormWash Model 5050 Dishwasher

Best Buy was fantastic throughout the entire ordering and installation process. The customer service was wonderful and the tech who installed the dishwasher for us was very careful and considerate. I’ve got to say, the Samsung StormWash Model 5050 Dishwasher is a marked improvement on what was existing in my home when I purchased it in August.


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