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Woofpup for the Allergy Free Home

Woofpup for the Allergy Free Home
My little girl loves puppies! Everywhere we go she points out dogs on walks, dogs in yards and dogs going for a car ride. She loves visiting dogs and even asks me to take her to the dog food section of the grocery store to check out toys and treats that she could buy “just in case a puppy comes to live with us.” Not everyone can have puppies or dogs in the home, but there’s Woofpup for the allergy free home rescue. 
Unfortunately as far as this momma knows, a puppy will not be coming to live with us any time in the near future. Myself and my son both have bad allergies, which is just one of the various reason that we aren’t ready to get a dog right now.

Woofpup for the Allergy Free Home
That being said, I still want to embrace and encourage my daughter’s love of animals. Enter Woofpup! A Woofpup is an adorable plush pup that can be loved and enjoyed in anywhere… even in our allergy-friendly home! The thing that makes a Woofpup so unique is that each plush pup is based on a real dog! Real life dog owners can go to the Woofpup online community and upload photos of their pets. In addition to sharing photos and stories about their dogs, each month families get a chance to vote on the Woofpup of the month. Once the winner is selected, and a plush Woofpup is created to represent the winning photo! Each winning Woofpup plush dog comes personalized with a name-tag and Woofpup logo embroidered on its paw and is available for purchase online for $29.95 (or discounted to $19.95 each when purchased as part of the six month subscription service). Our Woofpup is named Jackson. When you have a plush Woofpup, you have a little piece of the joy that comes with owning a real dog. 
Woofpup for the Allergy Free Home
When I recently gave my daughter her Woofpup, she absolutely loved it! She made a little bed for him in her room and sets out little bowls of water and pretend snacks for him! It’s so much fun to see how much she loves it, and how it is preparing my little animal lover for a future that I’m sure will include many real pups! 
Woofpup for the Allergy Free Home
If you think that your real life dog is adorable enough to be represented as a Woofpup or would just like to join in a fun online community of dog-lovers, be sure to check out the Woofpup website today! 

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