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Live-Action Sci-Fi Adventure with Disney Channel MECH-X4

Chatting with the cast of the Live-Action Sci-Fi Adventure with Disney Channel MECH-X4

With four kids between second and seventh grade, we watch a lot of Disney Channel. Whether I’m in the room watching, or I can hear the TV in the background, I want to make sure the kids aren’t watching something obnoxious. I searched “how do you add IPTV to kodi?“. I was excited to get to screen a new Disney Channel show, while on my Doctor Strange press trip, and even more pleased when I discovered it’s a show my kids are sure to like. The new Live-action Sci-fi adventure of MECH-X4 is perfect for my 6th and 7th grade boys, and I bet my daughter will be caught tuning in as well.

First a little about MECH-X4:

When high school student Ryan Walker discovers he has the ability to control technology with his mind, he awakens 150-foot robot MECH-X4 and is able to control every move the android makes. The situation gets to be too much for Ryan to handle on his own, though, when another monster starts attacking the school. That’s when Ryan recruits older brother Mark and friends Harris and Pearce to help operate MECH-X4’s defense system while he pilots the robot. 

Chatting with the cast of the Live-Action Sci-Fi Adventure with Disney Channel MECH-X4

MECH-X4 is really all about family and friends teaming up for the good of society. There are definitely some laughs, as well as adventure as the boys have to decide whether or not they should tell the world they are the kids behind the robot. Their lives may depend upon keeping the secret!

I was privileged to interview the cast and producers of MECH-X4, and it was one of the most fun interviews I’ve had. The creators have a great love of what they’re doing, and the cast is so close, and absolutely hilarious! I would love to share some of the highlights of my interview, so you can get to know the crew before the show airs.

Cast of MECH-X4

Live-Action Sci-Fi Adventure with Disney Channel MECH-X4

From left to right: Pearce Joza (Spyder), Nathaniel Potvin (Ryan Walker), Raymond Cham (Mark Walker), Kamran Lucas (Harris)

Similarities to their characters:

Pearce: “I like to say I’m like my character and not like my character.  Spyder’s very crazy and he likes to do a lot of daredevil stuff type things.  I lived in Colorado for a long time so I like to go out back and, play in the pond and climb trees or whatever.  I also love school.  I’m taking college level courses and Sypder’s not very good at school.”

Nathaniel: “I’m kinda like my character because, Ryan is always rising to the occasion.  So whenever he has to fight a monster or even stand up to his brother, I’m kinda like that in some ways.  Also, I have two older brothers so I know exactly what Ryan goes through on a daily basis.  And, Ryan loves to skateboard.  I love to skateboard.  So there’s some similarities between us there.”

Kamran: “Harris and I are pretty similar in like book smart terms.  But not so much.  More of like we both dress really nice and we’re both ladies men.”

Raymond: “I’m kinda like my character in a way.  When it comes to family I’m very protective.  And you’ll see that later ‘cause right now you’ve just pretty much seen me crank my brother.  But yeah, I care for my family and I’ll do anything to protect them and make sure that they’re okay.  I’ve also dabbled in sports a bit.  When I was around eight or nine, I used to play basketball.  But, other than that, yeah, I’m not too similar.”

Chatting with the cast of the Live-Action Sci-Fi Adventure with Disney Channel MECH-X4

What superpower would you choose?

Raymond: “Shape shifting! Right?  It’s the craziest.  Boom, I wanna fly, I’m a bird.  I end up in the water I’m a whale. I could be anything. I think about it all the time.  Maybe too much…”

Kamran: “I kinda wanna have the ability to stop and turn back time. ‘Cause in case I wanna change something like when I was younger, I was at Legoland and this girl pushed me.  I was really mad ‘cause she did it for no reason and I just want to go back and say, ‘hey, I’m on Disney Channel now.’ I’m not like that in real life. Just to that one person.”

Nathaniel: “If I had a super power it would probably be teleportation because who wants to pay for airline tickets?  No one.  No one does.  Also, it would just be really convenient.  If I got locked out of my house I could just teleport inside my house.”

Pearce: “Telekinetic powers. It’s pretty much controlling anything you think with your mind.”

Chatting with the producers of Live-Action Sci-Fi Adventure with Disney Channel MECH-X4

Executive Producers Steve Marmel and Anupam Nigam

Influences for the show:

“A little ET and Goonies. We love giant robots, so obviously, we’re ‘yay, we get to play with a giant robot.”  That’s both of us as kids.” – Steve

And I love on Transformers. I grew up on Omega Supreme. And for me it was also Godzilla. It was a big influence.  In fact there are several Godzilla movies where he fights a giant robot. I made him watch them.” – Anupam

Takeaway of the show:

“We hope that people come away from it thinking it’s a show about family, it’s a show about friendship, and it’s a show about teamwork.”

Production schedule:

“It’s ambitious.  We do two half-hour episodes every night, over nine days.  We’re in the Robot set three to four days, and then we’re just out in Vancouver, doing movie stuff for five days – whether it’s sunny or rainy, or, whatever it is. There’s a crew up there that just deals with it, and makes it great every day in; day out, episode after episode. We shoot two episodes at once. Then it’s about four or five months of special effects.”

There’s a lot of heart and love that have gone into MECH-X4. I hope you’ll check it out, later this week!


Tune into Disney Channel this weekend, with four back-to-back episodes Friday, November 11 – November 13th. 

I was invited to an all-expense paid trip for the purpose of screening Doctor Strange and MECH-X4, and interviewing the cast. All opinions expressed are my own.

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