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Monster Trucks is Monstrously fun for the family

We took the Family to see Monster Trucks at an advance preview, and it was a great way to spend a rainy day. Monster Trucks didn’t disappoint – it has something for everyone! All my kiddos, even the Big Kid (hubby) were enraptured with the BIG Trucks, Big Equipment, Power Tools, Car Chases, and A BIG lovable creature from deep beneath the layers of the earth. As for momma – a bit of budding teen romance, the likes of Lucas Till (Tripp) and even the handsome Rob Lowe, as rapacious owner of the oil drilling company,Terravex – was enough to keep me enthralled. 

Monster Trucks manages to deal with some important social issues as well – including single parenthood, bullying, corporate greed, strengthening family ties, stewardship for our earth and acceptance of those that are different than us.  But mostly, I saw delight in my kids eyes with the cool car chases, fun CGI, and some of the intense moments as the teens in the movie wrestle with the eco-ambivalent big oil company. 

Creech is a cephalopod that emerges from deep within the layers of the earth, as an oil drilling company throws caution to the wind and disregards warning signs they are reaching a self-contained eco-system. Because Creech lives down where the coveted oil lies, he, of course, consumes oil. Once he, along with two other of his kind, explode onto our layer of earth, he goal is to find oil – his life source. It’s here in the junk-yard he encounters Gear Head, Tripp. Tripp and Creech become fast friends, as Tripp learns of Creech’s amazing ability to turn Tripp’s truck into a Monster Truck of envy. Tripp, along with his science-nerd student tutor, Meredith, take on bullies, bad guys, and the big evil corporation to reunite Creech with his captive parents, and save the town from possible ecological disaster.

It’s amazing an oil consuming, cepholopod blob could be so lovable – but Creech is just that. I think the biggest smiles and cheers came when Creech, encased in Tripp’s truck, climbed tall buildings, jumped trucks and performed other amazing feats. Oh and the huge piece of earth moving machinery in the finale – what was that thing? Take your family to see Monster Trucks and watch their faces light up. 


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  • The script is base on 5 year old ideal, may be top or flop 🙂
    But i will go to cinema to find out by my self

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