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Quick and Easy Calcium Fix with Yogurt

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Quick and Easy Calcium Fix with Yoplait Yogurt

I’ve never been a milk drinker, and I didn’t grow up in a family where milk was offered with dinner every night. I’ve known families like that, but mine wasn’t one of them. As such, I’ve had to get creative in how to get enough calcium in my diet. With Yoplait Yogurt, the kids and I get a quick and easy calcium fix that also tastes good! It’s really not all that complicated.

Sure, we could get all fancy in the kitchen and come up with unique recipes that use yogurt, but sometimes there’s no need to mess with a good thing. Yoplait is tasty on it’s own, and provides my kids with 20% of their daily calcium before they leave the house.

Quick and Easy Calcium Fix with Yogurt

While on our regular Walmart shopping runs, I typically stock up on the Yoplait fridge packs in a couple of flavors. I’ve got 4 kids so an 8-pack will only last us two days, and everyone has their own flavor preferences, so why not stock up on several? 

Quick and Easy Calcium Fix with Yogurt

My go-to yogurt flavors are French Vanilla and Orange Creme. Most of my kids would agree, so we tend to stock up on these two varieties and go back and forth between the two, to switch things up a bit. If we’re feeling crazy, we’ll throw in a Strawberry Banana pack!

Quick and Easy Calcium Fix with Yogurt

Yogurt truly is one of the easiest ways for me to get my dairy intake in. We can’t have me getting brittle bones now can we? If I’m having one of those really busy days then you can sometimes catch me sneaking a yogurt from the fridge mid-afternoon, as a little pick-me-up. I’m not a big eater so the size is perfect for me, to give me that fix to tide me over until dinner. Now just to get the kids to save me some, because they can go through these so fast!! Thank goodness Walmart isn’t too far. 

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