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Kickstart Your Weight Loss with Nutrisystem’s Turbo13

Kickstart Your Weight Loss with Nutrisystem's Turbo13

Still struggling to get off the extra holiday weight? I managed to do okay with my weight over the holidays, but the hubby hasn’t had such luck. He also hasn’t had a lot of experience with different diets like I have. We’ve been chatting about how we can help him with his weight loss goals, and that’s when I learned about Nutrisystem’s Turbo13 plan. I’ve done Nutrisystem before and loved their pre-portioned meals and the convenience of the plan and it sounds like they’ve upped their game even more!

Kickstart Your Weight Loss with Nutrisystem's Turbo13Turbo13 gives you the option to choose from a variety of different meal plans, so you can find foods that interest you. Plus, they’ve got a men’s and a women’s plan, which means that you’ll get a diet tailored to you. Each plan has new features that are said to help you lose weight fast, which is something we all want! The first week of the diet is different than the following weeks, and comes with a new and improved Turbo Takeoff kit. That first week will help yield great results that will only motivate you to stick with it.

The Turbo Takeoff kit contains seven days of Nutrisystem® breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus NutriCurb® bars and TurboShakes™ (for women) or Nutri-Pro™ shakes (for men). The meals are perfectly portioned and made to help you feel full and satisfied. The NutriCurb bar curbs cravings (a must when dieting, so you don’t feel like you’re starving all the time), and also contains probiotics to shrink your belly. I’ve said it before, but I love probiotics and think they do so many great things for the belly. The TurboShake is packed with protein and fiber, which every woman needs, while the Nutri-Pro shake contains nutrients tailored toward men’s needs.

Kickstart Your Weight Loss with Nutrisystem's Turbo13

Once you’ve completed Turbo Takeoff, you’ll move on to follow your Nutrisystem meal plan until you reach your weight loss goal. Since Keith is on the hunt for something to help him drop a few pounds so he can get back off his blood pressure medication, I’m definitely guiding him to give the Nutrisystem men’s plan a try. I love that Nutrisystem helps take the thinking out of meal planning, and all the extra goodies that come with the new program. Keith will especially love being able to use the new NuMi® app for faster and easier tracking. 


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