Why Choose Music Lessons at Guitar Center

Why Choose Music Lessons at Guitar Center

If you’ve debating signing up for some type of music lessons, or you want your child to learn to play an instrument, I cover some great benefits of music lessons, in a previous post. As I’ve mentioned many times before, I’m a huge lover of music and believer in what it can do for the soul, academics, social skills and anxiety and so much more. I get asked all the time where one can sign up for various music lessons and I haven’t always had an answer. People used to come to me for piano lessons, but when I stopped teaching I never knew who to refer to. Then there’s all the other instruments that I don’t teach. I started my son, Brechin, with guitar lessons and I’d like to share why we choose music lessons at Guitar Center.

Why Choose Music Lessons at Guitar Center

When I first signed Brechin up to take guitar lessons at Guitar Center, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was afraid we wouldn’t get the attention and comfortable feeling you get when you take private lessons from an individual. I was so wrong and I have to say that I absolutely love and look forward to my visits to Guitar Center each week. Katie, the manager over all music lessons, is such a delight and I absolutely love visiting with her while the kids are in their lessons. The teachers have been fantastic and so attentive and they’ve really squashed any hesitation I had about going to a center like this for lessons.

Why Choose Music Lessons at Guitar Center

Aside from the friendliness factor, there are some other perks in regard to taking music lessons at Guitar Center. They’re extremely flexible when it comes to scheduling. As long as you give 24 hour notice if you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, they will totally work with you and find a time that works with your schedule. They have multiple teachers too, so if you don’t find a completely great fit with one teacher, you’re welcome to try out another teacher and see if that feels better. They definitely aim to please. I also love that the soundproof lesson rooms have windows so parents can watch through the door, should they choose.

Why Choose Music Lessons at Guitar Center

Anyone can try out their first lesson free of charge. After Brechin started guitar lessons, my daughter, Miss Bea, decided she wanted to try some voice lessons. She’s been wanting to get into musical theater and she occasionally sings solos in church, so we thought it would be nice to give her a little training and confidence to help her out. While Brechin was in a guitar lesson, we were able to have Miss Bea try out a voice lesson (free of charge), at the same time! That’s another perk right there – multiple kids can take lessons at the same time! As a parent of multiple children, this is a huge lifesaver and time saver! One stop shop for various lessons and multiple children! Needless to say, Bea loved her teacher, Cody, so much that she’s decided to continue lessons. He’s been so sweet to her, has taught her to sing from her diaphragm, and gave her confidence to sing out for a trio she performed on Father’s Day!

Why Choose Music Lessons at Guitar Center

As I mentioned before, you can switch teachers if you don’t have a great fit. Brechin was hesitant to take guitar lessons at first because he really wanted to learn to play the drums, but I wasn’t completely on board with that. We own two guitars so I really want someone to learn to play them. His teacher, Glenn, was so patient with him and Brechin was really coming around. He even let him pull some fancy electric guitars off the wall and use them during lessons, which is something you can’t really get elsewhere. Brechin LOVED this!

Why Choose Music Lessons at Guitar Center

After we learned that Bea’s vocal teacher, Cody, also teaches guitar, we thought Brechin might get along really well with him. He happened to be filling in one week while Glenn was out, and Brechin fell in love with his teaching style and energy. One thing is for sure, each of the teachers we’ve dealt with are very talented and really know their stuff – which is so important. So, we made the switch and Brechin is loving the guitar more and more! He’s learned how to tune the guitar, switch between 4 different chords, and he’s even been teaching his twin brother the things he’s learned.

Why Choose Music Lessons at Guitar Center

I’ve been extremely impressed with how Guitar Center handles their music lessons and I can see that all their teachers value music and the importance of music education. Guitar Centers use a teaching curriculum that has been approved by the National Association for Music Education, and with over 200 locations, nationally, you should be able to find a store near you. From singing lessons to guitar lessons or even piano and ukulele lessons, they’re always expanding their repertoire at Guitar Center. Once they find a violin teacher at our location we’ll be signing up kid #3 for music lessons! I love the confidence my kids are gaining through music and I’m a firm believer that having music as an outlet will do wonders for their anxieties and their self esteem. I highly recommend it, and Guitar Center is definitely worth checking out for any music lessons you’re considering!

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  • My son would really love something like this. Music lessons are so great for so many things.

  • Summer is such a great time to take up music! I love that there are so many Guitar Centers around, so there are lots of options within a close enough drive. I didn’t realize they have voice lessons as well!

  • There is a Guitar Center close by. My son has been asking for guitar lessons and I didn’t know where to start.

  • My son just said for the first time he wants to take lessons. I bet it’s amazing to hear them play for the first time!

  • What a great thing to have! I was in choir all throughout school, this would have been a great addition to build up my singing a little more one-on-one. It’s also great you can switch around teachers to find the one you feel the most comfortable with. Excellent place!

  • Guitar Center sounds like an amazing facility. I love that they offer more than just guitar lessons.

  • We love shopping at Guitar Center and I’ve seen they offered guitar lessons, but never really knew much about it. 2 of our kids love playing the guitar, so we’ll have to check this out!

  • I landed hear while doing a search for something else. I am the manager of the lessons department at a Guitar Center and really appreciate this post and review. Thank you! Watching students learn and grow is a pure delight!

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