Why I Believe in Febreze to Get Rid of the Stink

Why I Believe in Febreze to Get Rid of the Stink

Because I’m a migraine sufferer (anyone else in this club?), I’m super sensitive to smells and I also have a lot of allergies. Sometimes the headaches and migraines are due to my allergies and sometimes it’s just my sensitive sinuses. I also think I just have one heck of a sniffer, and with three boys ages 14, 12 and 12, plus a pre-teen daughter, we have plenty of smells to go around. I was recently invited out to the P&G headquarters and the Febreze lab, where I learned a great deal about smells, and how and why Febreze works. I haven’t always been a Febreze believer, but I’ve got to tell you why I now believe in Febreze to get rid of the stink!

Is Febreze safe or toxic?

Why I Believe in Febreze to Get Rid of the Stink

A common question for people who are interested in air fresheners is whether or not the product is safe to use in our homes. Is Febreze safe for cats and dogs, or our children? If you’ve ever searched the web to find out this information, you’ve likely only returned old and outdated and sometimes even misinformed research. I was personally pleased to learn you can find all of the Febreze ingredients on their website. By the end of 2019 they will also list all fragrance ingredients, down to .01%. You can read up on what is included in all Febreze products, and also what each product does. Just know, Febreze products do not use phthalates, formaldehyde or flammable propellants as ingredients. I find this super useful and important to know when making decisions on what cleaning products to use in your home. We even tested pouring a bottle of Febreze FABRIC into a bouquet of flowers, and checked them the next day to see if they were still fresh – they were!!

I met with several P&G employees and Febreze researchers and they were adamant they wouldn’t put anything in their products they wouldn’t use in their own homes. They’re all avid Febreze users and stand 100% behind their product and its safety. When inhaled, Febreze can not reach a consumer’s lungs due to its particle size (85-120 microns). If you find you’re sensitive to smells then I’d recommend using the Febreze ONE as they have a quarter of the perfume found in other Febreze products, plus no aerosols. I LOVE this line of products.

Does Febreze Mask or Remove Odors?

Why I Believe in Febreze to Get Rid of the Stink

If you’re like me then you may have been living under the misconception that all air fresheners mask odors, instead of removing them. I always thought you were just covering one smell up with another – which can sometimes result in an even more unpleasant smell. While some air fresheners do work this way, I assure you Febreze does not. Their products use cyclodextrin, which traps molecules and eliminates the odor. When Febreze is sprayed, the malodorous molecules become heavy and drop to the ground. Someone recommended doing your cleaning then spraying the air with Febreze AIR, and finish off by vacuuming up any dropped molecules. I’ve adopted this method! It was so fascinating to spend time in the Febreze lab and watch the science behind their products, and see how they do actually remove odors.

How do you use Febreze to get rid of the stink?

Why I Believe in Febreze to Get Rid of the Stink

Febreze has a variety of products now, for various uses. One thing to remember is that while your house may look clean, it won’t really feel clean unless the air is clean. There’s nothing like walking into a clean looking house, but having this horrible smell permeate the air. As I’ve said, with my 3 teenage boys, malodors are everywhere. My oldest son’s bedroom is right by the front door so when guests come over, his room is the first thing they smell. I use Febreze AIR in his room, on a regular basis, to kill the malodors and make the air smell fresh.

Use Febreze FABRIC to remove odors from fabrics (pillows, blankets, curtains, etc). This is perfect for items that are difficult to throw into the washing machine.

The Febreze PLUG is something I’m testing out in my son’s bedroom, to see if I’ll have to spray the air less often. The plug can give continuous freshness.

Febreze SMALL SPACES is the perfect little freshener to eliminate odors in a small space for up to 30 days.

If your car space is a trouble area for smells, give the Febreze CAR freshener a try.

Why I Believe in Febreze to Get Rid of the Stink

There is a product for everything so peruse the Febreze website and find what’s right for you. Hopefully you too will believe in Febreze to get rid of the stink!

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  • Febreze has always been a must have in our home at all times! I need to pick up the fabric one though…because toddlers!

  • I don’t think anything works quite like febreeze! They have so many wonderful scents too!

  • I live in an area where during the spring the skunks are everywhere. I keep a small bottle of febreeze that I got from the sample section of the store a couple years ago, in my car, and I use it and refill it often. I don’t know how I would survive without it.

  • This is great information. I had been avoiding using it (as much as I love Febreze) because two of us have asthma and there’s a baby in the house. It’s good to know that it’s safe to use around all of us. (And I do love and trust the P & G brand. My dad used to work there )

  • I’ve been using Fabreze forever and always make sure I have it stocked in my home. I just love their new sprays and scents!

  • We always keep our home stocked with Febreze! It definitely helps get the stink out of the room quickly and it lasts a long time!

  • I’ve used their products for years. Basically since I can remember! I always travel with a smaller size bottle too!

  • We like to air out our home. I used to use Febreeze and nothing else, but now my husband is sensitive to scents so we avoid it. But while using it in past never problems.

  • That sounds like it was an amazing event to attend! We love Febreze and use it throughout our house. It’s amazing how much different smells can affect headaches and migraines!

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