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Keeping Kids Safe Online with Gryphon: A Family Friendly Wireless Router

Keeping Kids Safe Online with Gryphon: A Family Friendly Wireless Router

It’s official – school is in session and each of my kids have their own school-issued Chromebooks. Because homework is on the kids’ computer now, it can be a real challenge monitoring their time on the internet. I have my anxieties about so much internet access and isolation on a device so I’ve been doing my research on keeping kids safe online. I’ve recently been introduced to Gryphon: a family friendly wireless router that gives parents all the power when it comes to WiFi! 

Keeping Kids Safe Online with Gryphon: A Family Friendly Wireless Router

First, you’ll need to install the Gryphon App because it will become your remote control for the Gryphon Smart WiFi Router. The app will walk you through setting up an account and connecting to the WiFi Router. Then let the excitement set in as you realize you can now have control over every WiFi connected device in the home! I love the power!! Allow me to go through the features you’re sure to love for keeping kids safe online, and limiting internet time for any and all users in the home.



  • Set up user profiles and devices: See all connected devices in the home and name them accordingly. You can also set up user profiles to give different restrictions based on the user attached to any given device. For example, I have each of the kids’ Chromebooks attached to each child’s user profile. 
  • Set bedtimes and homework times (ones that don’t involve the computer) at certain times of day, that will turn on automatically each day. Set it and forget it, or pause the internet at any given time!
  • Filter content based on age and allowances based on the child’s age. 
  • Receive realtime requests from any device or user, to request more screen time or access to a website. Kids can also request homework time to be over if they’ve finished or are ready for their online homework.
  • View browsing history, even if they are set to incognito! No more private browsing, kiddos!
  • Block inappropriate sites and content! My kids love Youtube but not everything is safe on there so you can set an account up to block comments, videos, urls and more!

Keeping Kids Safe Online with Gryphon: A Family Friendly Wireless Router

Above all, I just love that I don’t have to nag for my twins to get off of the XBOX or my oldest to get off of Netflix or Youtube! If they don’t obey the first time then “switch” – off goes the internet, which means Bye Bye Fortnite or The Office! Okay, so my kids may not be in love with our new Gryphon Smart WiFi Router, but they are given so much and I needed control back!

Keeping Kids Safe Online with Gryphon: A Family Friendly Wireless Router


Undesirable websites can not only give our kids something to look at that they shouldn’t, but they can place malware on many devices in the home. The Gryphon app will give you a notification when malware is detected on any device, including gaming consoles!


Each Gryphon device should cover 3000 sq ft, but you can also add a second, third, fourth (etc) device to cover the desired space. 

Keeping Kids Safe Online with Gryphon: A Family Friendly Wireless Router


Aside from having power over the kids’ devices, my other favorite feature is this one. If everyone is on the internet at the same time (almost always these days) and speeds are slower, then I can give bandwidth priority to any specific device. So if I’m trying to work or upload a video while kids are playing games or watching movies then I can give my laptop bandwidth priority. They can’t hog my speed anymore!

Keeping Kids Safe Online with Gryphon: A Family Friendly Wireless Router


Each Gryphon device comes with a 12-month hardware defect warranty, tech support and 12 months of free network security. The network security comes with intelligent intrusion detection and malware protection. After the first 12 months, pay $99/year or $9.99/month

Keeping Kids Safe Online with Gryphon: A Family Friendly Wireless Router

Looking to up your internet security and controls in the home? Look no further because Gryphon has you covered! Since my oldest just started high school, I’m feeling a little out of sorts. High school suits him so well and he is seeming so grown up and I’m realizing my time with him is limited. My influence is becoming less and less in my kids’ lives so anywhere I can get a little control and relieve some burden, I’m all for it. Internet protection is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

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  • This does sound like it would be super helpful in keeping everyone safe and secure. I also like the extra control in keeping the kids away from the screens at night or during study times.

  • You can’t be too careful with what kids do online these days. I love seeing devices like this become available. They really save time and effort, much easier than logging into your router.

  • That sounds like a great way to help protect the kids from the dangers of the internet. I love that I can keep track of everything from that convenient hub.

  • I had no idea something like this even existed! This is really cool. I’m totally telling my sister (mom of 3 little girls) about this because her kids are starting to spend more time online!

  • My kids are getting older and I feel like I’m going to need a find a way to monitor things more. This seems like an option that could be really easy for me!

  • This is needed so very much. With the amount of time kids spend online, anything we can do to protect them is a win in my book!

  • I need this in my life! My son is obsessed with video games so I love that I can just shut him down whenever I want. I need to look into this because it is a must have for moms with gamer boys!

  • I can always appreciate a product that not only works awesome, but keeps my kids safe. I need to talk to my husband about this!

  • It’s so important to keep kids safe on the internet. THe Gryphon router looks really handy for getting a handle on screentime.

  • I need this in my life. My son will be starting high school this year and will be getting his own chromebook. I work from home and don’t like it when my connection speed is slowed down once everyone is online. It would be nice to give my laptop priority.

  • My kids are at an age where I worry more and more about them stumbling upon things online. This sounds like such a relief to worried parents. I want my kids to be able to access the wealth of the internet safely.

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