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Tips for Preparing for a Teenage Driver

Easing the minds of parents of teen drivers (or soon-to-be drivers) with this information and tips for preparing for a teenage driver.

Tips for Preparing for a Teenage Driver

In a little over a year my oldest will have his driver’s license and life as we know it will be different. I’m excited, nervous and frankly just shocked that we’re to this stage of life where we’re preparing for a teenage driver. I’m happy to have another person to share the driving responsibility with, but terrified at that person being my son! I want him to have as much driving experience and knowledge as possible before letting him loose with his own car, and I imagine I’m not alone in this parenting adventure. I’ve recently gotten some information that will help ease the minds of parents of teen drivers (or soon-to-be drivers), so I’m happy to share! 

Tips for Preparing for a Teenage Driver

Depending on where you live your teen can begin learning the rules of driving at age 14, with an online drivers ed course via Some states may have a later age, but here in California, my son was able to start at 14 years old. prepares teens for their learner’s permit and practical driving lessons. I was also excited to learn that is the only operation that is allowed to start teens driving before 15 and a half, with their trained drivers only. More time learning and practicing gives me peace of mind when it comes to my baby on the road!

Tips for Preparing for a Teenage Driver

With the Online Drivers Ed course, drivers-to-be will learn the rules of the road and safe driving techniques using:

  • Illustrated reading material
  • Movies
  • Interactive case studies
  • Quizzes
  • A final exam

Kelman (my oldest) has already started the course and it’s been fun to sit alongside him and go over the questions with him. Then I reinforce what he’s learned by re-asking the questions while I’m driving and we’re faced with something from the course. For example, when at a 4-way stop, I ask him who gets to go first. By following your teen along in their course, you can reinforce the education and give them more practice with the knowledge they’re acquiring. It’s great practice!

Tips for Preparing for a Teenage Driver

The course is broken down into modules, with each one covering a specific concept related to driver safety and the traffic laws. The modules are broken down into small sections so you can study at your own pace. We also love that also has an app that can be downloaded for extra practice on-the-go. Get quizzed while waiting for mom shopping, or before the Friday night game. 

Tips for Preparing for a Teenage Driver

Once the online course is complete, your teen can sign up for in-car practice. They can also take advantage of the online practice permit test so they’re sure to ace the exam when the time comes. I feel so much better about my boy driving in a little over a year, knowing he’s getting so much knowledge and practice ahead of time. Preparing for a teenage driver doesn’t have to be so scary, with the right tools!

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