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7 Perks of Switching to T-Mobile in the New Year

As we wrap up another year, we start pondering on what went well for the year and what could be improved upon. When I start making goals for the new year, money and budgeting is always there in some form. Whether you’re looking to save money or gain greater control over your family devices, I have 7 perks of switching to T-Mobile in the new year. There’s definitely something here that will appeal to you!

Saving Money

7 Perks of Switching to T-Mobile in the New Year

Who doesn’t love saving money? Okay, maybe the money doesn’t actually get saved, but if I save in some areas, then that gives me the freedom to spend in other areas that make me happier. T-Mobile offers great value for your money! TMobile ONE has an estimated value of $1,550.71 annually, which I can tell you is less than I am used to spending on mobile services. That includes taxes and fees!

Great for Travel

7 Perks of Switching to T-Mobile in the New Year

Simple Global TMobile ONE customers benefit from unlimited data and texting and in more than 210 countries and destinations! Plus, unlimited talk, text and data (up to 5GB of 4G LTE) in Canada and Mexico. As someone who loves to travel, I can say how valuable it is to be able to check your maps online and stay connected with the kids back home, without having to pay extra. 

In-Flight Benefits

Get free unlimited texting during flights, plus an hour of free Wi-Fi on Domestic flights. I hate paying for the internet when I fly so this is super awesome!


7 Perks of Switching to T-Mobile in the New Year

Get control back from the kids, and control the internet in your home. With the HomeBase you can control all wi-fi connected devices in the home. Filter web content, monitor usage, plus control data usage. T-Mobile FamilyMode also provides real-time location information and monitoring so you can always know where your kids are, or simply where their device is! 

Free Netflix

Want more than just your cell service? Make the switch to T-Mobile and get 2 free years of Netflix! There’s another savings if you’re already paying for Netflix!

T-Mobile Tuesdays

7 Perks of Switching to T-Mobile in the New Year

Because they love their customers, T-Mobile offers a variety of free goodies on Tuesdays. Download the free app and get thanked just for being a customer. This can range from gift cards for a treat out to a trip to the World Series!

Peace of Mind

Do you get tons of phone solicitors who mask their number to look like a local number? This new practice drives me insane and I think it’s so wrong. T-Mobile is the first to launch a technology that gives more security for this “neighborhood spoofing”.  For $4/month, you can get control for all types of call categories. Included in all plans, is the Name ID/Scam ID, which gives customers more call control over who can reach them on their phone. Name ID delivers premium call control including personal number blocking, reverse number lookup and now control over entire categories of robocalls such as telemarketers and political surveyors – letting you automatically send calls from these groups to voicemail, if you choose.

7 Perks of Switching to T-Mobile in the New Year

As if all of these reasons weren’t enough to make the switch, now through the end of the year, you can get a new iPhone and TMobile Essentials for $40/line/month for 4 lines with an eligible trade-in. Are you convinced yet?

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