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Why Choose the Mazda 6 for Road Trips

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I’ve never owned a Mazda, but the ones I’ve had the opportunity to test drive have made me a believer in what they offer. When my minivan days are over, I’ll definitely be looking into something like the Mazda 6 because it’s a pretty sweet ride. I recently took my twin boys to Disneyland for their 13th birthday, and discovered the Mazda 6 is fantastic for road trips. Allow me to tell you the reasons why.

Why Choose the Mazda 6 for Road Trips

Why Choose the Mazda 6 for Road Trips

Traffic Sign and Speed Recognition

When you’ve been driving on I-5 for hours without passing much of anything, you may start to question what the speed limit is. Perhaps you missed seeing the last sign! The Mazda 6 knows what the speed limit! In addition to telling you how fast (or slow) you should be driving, this car picks up on all kinds of traffic signs. The heads up display will show you what you may have missed, without the need of having to look down to see it.

Emergency Braking

Why Choose the Mazda 6 for Road Trips

Probably one of my favorite features of the Mazda 6, while road tripping is the emergency braking in conjunction with the cruise control. When you’re driving straight for hours on end, cruise control is an absolute must. What happens when slow traffic (especially those semi trucks) cross into your lane, requiring you to quickly press your foot on the brake? It’s annoying, right? Then you have to set the cruise control all over again. Not anymore! Set your cruise control and let the Mazda 6 do the slowing down for you. I always have my foot over the brake just to be on the safe side, but then even better  – the car will go back to whatever speed was set on cruise control when the obstacle or vehicle are no longer in the way! This feature is heavenly!!!

Blind-spot Monitoring

Whether you’re in town or on the freeway, the Mazda 6 picks up on your blind-spots and will send you a signal to let you know. Those lane changes are made even safer with the added assurances of lane-keep assist! The car has additional cameras than other cars I’ve driven, allowing you to get a view on all sides of the vehicle. The display will show you if there is anything on any side or even above the car!

Fuel Economy

Why Choose the Mazda 6 for Road Trips

When you’re planning a long drive, gas and gas mileage is always a concern. Especially with our high California gas prices! The Mazda 6 has some great fuel economy with about 26 mpg in town and 35 mpg on the freeway.

Smooth Handling

Between the slick steering and turbocharged engine, you’re sure to get a smooth ride. The Mazda 6 has fewer gears to shift between, than its competitors, making it hunt for shifting gears even quicker. We were perfectly comfortable for a drive from Northern California to Southern. I just need to get used to sitting down lower because I’ve been driving a minivan for so long!

Roomy and Safe

Trunk Space

In addition to the spacious trunk, which holds an ample amount of luggage or tons of groceries on my Costco run, the interior feels quite roomy. The Mazda 6 also boasts being a safe family car. Aside from its exceptional crash protection, just look at the added technology helping keep this car as safe as possible for you and your loved ones.


Now that we’ve covered most of the big perks of driving the Mazda 6 on long road trips, we can’t ignore the fact that it’s just pretty to look at! While it’s a sedan, it really has a fun and sporty type of look and is just plain cool!

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