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9 Reasons Every Family Needs an Amazon Echo Dot

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9 Reasons Every Family Needs an Amazon Echo Dot

I’ve shared my love for Alexa Smart Home Devices numerous times, but I’ve never really done a comprehensive list of why. Sure I’ve shared a few how-to videos with the Amazon Echo Show or the Amazon Echo Plus, but I haven’t gotten into the Amazon Echo Dot too much. I love this device so much that we have one in nearly every room of my house, including one of the bathrooms! You may be wondering if the 3rd generation is worth it, and having owned both now I can tell you the pros. 

To set up the Echo Dot, download the Alexa app on your phone and pair with the Echo Dot. Once the two are synced to each other and to your Amazon account, the possibilities are amazing! Simply say “Alexa” followed by a request or question and she’ll set you up. 

Here are my 9 reasons every family needs an Amazon Echo Dot (or 2 or 3, or 8)!

Intercom Capabilities

One of my absolute favorite features, which only works with multiple devices in the home, is the intercom feature. By saying “Alexa, announce, broadcast or tell” you can have a message broadcast to all Echo Dots in the home. I love this for when I want to gather all the kids, or assign tasks and don’t know which room the kids are in.

Music and Multi-room Music

9 Reasons Every Family Needs an Amazon Echo Dot

Whether you have multiple devices or just one Amazon Echo Dot, the music feature is amazing. You can listen to all the Amazon music you want, and change up the playlists to your liking. With multi-room music, you can have the same station or song play on every device in the home, which is then like surround sound! You have the option to group your in-home devices however you like. This is awesome when you’re cleaning and moving from room-to-room. If you upgrade your plan on Amazon, you can even have different devices playing different music. The new Amazon Echo Dot has also integrated Spotify Premium and Apple Music, if those are more your jam, or Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn for free options.

Alarms and Reminders

9 Reasons Every Family Needs an Amazon Echo Dot

As  busy mom of 4, we have a busy schedule and need all the alarms and reminders we can get. My daughter tells Alexa to remind her to make her lunch the night before, while I set timers and reminders for when the twins should get off of video games. The possibilities are endless here!

Making lists

I don’t know about you, but when something pops into my head, I need to write it down or I forget it these days. This is especially true when thinking of groceries I need. Ask Alexa to add to your shopping list, and she’ll keep a running list going, without pen and paper actually needed. The Echo Dot and the app on your phone will keep your list stored until you mark an item as already purchased, or start over. Beyond shopping lists, you can make to-do lists and more!

Audio Books and Podcasts

9 Reasons Every Family Needs an Amazon Echo Dot

Are you a lover of audio books? Now you can connect your Audible account to your Amazon Echo Dot and have your books read through your Alexa devices. That’s not all – Kindle books can now be read to you! This is fantastic for while folding laundry, getting ready for the day, and doing other tasks around the house. Or have Alexa play your favorite podcasts!

Control Your Smart Home

The Amazon Echo is smart – already know that, but it was created to unite all your smart home devices! Control the following devices using Alexa skills and your Echo Dot:

  • Nest, Ecobee, and Sensi 
  • Lutron 
  • Philips Hue and Wemo
  • SmartThings and Insteon
  • LIFX
  • TP-LINK Kasa
  • Haiku Home (fans and lights)
  • Fire TV

Ask Questions

9 Reasons Every Family Needs an Amazon Echo Dot

Have a burning question you want to look up on the internet, but don’t have your phone nearby, or your hands are occupied? Ask Alexa! She’ll tell you the time, the weather, give sports updates, and answer all kinds of questions. Need to settle a debate with the husband about which actor was in that one movie? Alexa can help!

Connect Your Google Calendar & Email

Working from home and being self employed, I put everything into my Google Calendar and am always attached to my email. Have Alexa read off your schedule or upcoming events, or even rearrange things for you. If you’re too busy to check your email, then you can have Alexa do it for you and read your messages aloud. These settings are connected in a way to recognize your voice only and you can test up a 4-digit pin if you’re worried about others accessing your accounts.

Storytime and Other Games

9 Reasons Every Family Needs an Amazon Echo Dot

Too busy to read your little ones a bedtime story? While I don’t condone the Echo Dot being a replacement for parenting, having an occasional bedtime story read by Alexa doesn’t hurt. The kids and I love trying out new skills and games, and the possibilities are endless. There are some duds, but some cool ones too. If the kids are bored, have them play 21 questions with Alexa!

The Amazon Echo Dot is simply amazing – so much so that we own more of them than I should probably admit. I think they are great for families, and we even like to mess with each other and play random stupid songs on the “Everywhere Group” so everyone is subjected to listening. I will say that I have the older models of Echo Dot and the 3rd Gen, and the new one has a new speaker for louder and crisper sound, an updated fabric design, and still only $49.99! The new ones are more responsive to your voice and plays louder – I especially love these ones in my bathroom so I can hear the music over my shower! I told you we love our Alexa-enabled devices!

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  • I love the Amazon Echo Dot purely for the intercom and music playing capabilities. I could be in the laundry room, folding laundry, while listening to my jams! The kids would like it for story time and games

  • I really, really, really need one of these. I didn’t realize there were so many helpful functions.

  • I am so happy they finally allowed Apple Music on it. We’re subscribers and were considering switching to the HomePod. Now it saved us from spending on that!

  • I think it’s cool to have an Echo in every room. But I am not ready yet. 🙂 But I know that my family will love it!

  • I still have yet to get one of these. I really need to invest in one. My whole entire family would love to have this set up in our home.

  • I would love one, and I would love to teach my mother how to use one, it would be very useful for her in the everyday running of the household. The thermostat, the lights, the gas fireplace, the security system, and it would give me peace of mind that she was safe too.

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