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Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

This post has been created in partnership with AZO Bladder Control® with Go-Less®, but all opinions are my own. Consult your doctor or health care professional for medical advice. Now for my tip to improve sleep hygiene.


Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

The more people I talk to, the more I’m aware of sleep hygiene being a big issue in today’s society. I bet way back in the day when everyone worked hard around their homes and in their fields, people came to their beds tired and ready for sleep. I imagine they had their worries that kept them awake at night, but in today’s day and age, we have so many distractions keeping us from sleep. Whether it’s your worries, your phone, your need to go to the bathroom or the noisy neighbors, hopefully these tips to improve sleep hygiene will have you and your loved ones drifting off to dreamland (and staying there) in no time. 


Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

Let’s first talk about those worries and to-do lists running through your head as you’re trying to fall asleep. I recommend keeping a journal near your bed so instead of rehashing the day over and over again in your mind, you can jot it down on paper. This will help keep you from the rehashing. If you are making a mental to-do list, write it down! If you’re worried about something or trying to solve a problem, jot down your thoughts and close the journal. Then you can revisit the journal or any ideas you had in the morning. Try not to let those pesky thoughts keep you from sleep!

Silence Your Cell Phone

Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

One of the most obvious tips for good sleep hygiene is to silence your cell phone. I want to take this up a step and not only say to silence your cell phone, but always place it face down (so the flashing notification light doesn’t make you think it needs to be tended to), away from your bed. I know we all think we have to have our phone at an arm’s reach at all times, but it’s okay to have to get up and walk to your phone in the morning.

Support Your Bladder

Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

I don’t know about you, but as I get older my bladder is naturally getting weaker. Between birthing five children and age, I’m finding myself awoken earlier and earlier by my bladder. I recently learned of a support called AZO Bladder Control® with Go-Less®, which helps reduce occasional bladder leakage.* Not only will this aid in those embarrassing moments where you experience occasional bladder leakage from laughing, coughing, sneezing, or exercise, but it can actually help support bladder muscle strength.*  So if you’re finding yourself making multiple nighttime visits to the bathroom, consider getting some healthy bladder control with AZO Bladder Control® with Go-Less®. It’s a safe, drug-free supplement containing a naturally sourced blend that supports bladder strength and helps reduce the urge to go, day and night. 

Shut Out the Light

Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

I think some of us may be surprised to realize how many light disturbances we have in a room, which can definitely interfere with our sleep hygiene. Depending on your circumstances you may want to consider purchasing blackout curtains for your bedroom, to keep out the light from the moon and the street lights. Then take a look around your room and see what little lights are on (TV, clocks, etc.). See what you can do to minimize those lights. 

No Screens Before Bed

Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

This last tip is the most difficult one for me. Studies have shown that computer-time or being on your phone or television right before bed can cause sleep disturbances. I could go into all the health stuff, but the gist is that the lights from our screens mess with our body’s system and make it difficult to fall asleep. It is recommended to not have any screens for at least an hour before bed. It’s so hard – I know! We can do this together!

Tips to Improve Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene is so important and something most of us are not getting enough of. Go ahead and give these tips a try and let me know if you’re sleeping any better!

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