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The Truth About Bang Energy Drink

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Are you ever looking for a quick pick-me-up on those super busy days? There are healthy options out there, and then there’s Bang Energy Drink. Whether you are already a consumer of Bang, or you’ve been considering starting (due to their many positive sounding claims), first I suggest doing some research and learning the truth about Bang Energy Drink. It’s not what you may think! If you’re not a fan of liars, or someone telling you something is good for you when research shows otherwise, then you’re in for a shock when it comes to VPX Sports CEO Jack Owoc.

Let’s look at the facts:

The Truth About Bang Energy Drink

The Truth About Bang Energy Drink

Claim #1 – Bang contains an enhanced form of creatine.

False. What Bang is calling a “Super Creatine” that can do your body good, is not actually that. Their very own research even shows it likely doesn’t have the same effect on the human body that actual creatine does. So why claim such a thing? Again, their own research states that “no formal” studies have been done on health effects of what it calls “Super Creatine”. Do you want to trust consuming a product when no one knows what effect it has on the body, if any.

Claim #2 – Bang has a valid patent on “Super Creatine”

For starters, how do you have a patent on something that isn’t really what it says it is? Well that’s just it. The United States Patent & Trademark Office has rejected or cancelled all claims on Owoc’s patent for “Super Creatine”. Yet Bang sports a patent ribbon and number on their can. Blatant lies!

Claim #3 – Bang can “Reverse Mental Retardation”

How do I even start with this. This is a bold claim and one that people could get excited about if it were actually true. Would you even believe an energy drink has these types of powers? Bang cannot reverse any mental disabilities.

Claim #4 – BANG CAN HELP CURE Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease or other forms of dementia

Again, how can an energy drink cure all of these diseases? What’s next – they can cure cancer? Look at the facts and do your research because Bang Energy Drink cannot cure any of the mentioned diseases they’re claiming to cure. Are you going to trust a CEO who makes such claims about their product, for a sale?

Claim #5 – Bang contains a meaningful amount of BCAAs and CoQ10

While testing of Bang drinks does show traces of BCAAs and CoQ10, the amounts are significantly lower than those shown to have any meaningful impact on the body. Here are the actual facts:

Tests confirm .15 BCAA grams per can which is 100 times lower than the amount tested in research cited by VPX Barker v. VPX, 1:18-cv-06898, Dkt. No. 1 (N.D. Ill).

People are taking notice of all these false claims made by Bang Energy Drink, and lawsuits and protests are taking place – with reason! Please do your research, stay safe and don’t let yourself become victim to Owoc’s deceitfulness and unsafe product. I personally like to consume food and beverage that has been safely tested on humans, don’t you? Help us keep our communities safe and spread the truth about Bang Energy Drink!

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