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Easy School Transportation with Jetson Scooter

Easy School Transportation with Jetson Scooter

For your teens and young adult children, back-to-school transportation just got easier with Jetson Scooter. Have a short commute to work? This scooter could cut back on your commuter miles and gas too!

My family lives in a small community near interstate 80, which means we can take the freeway or back roads to get pretty much anywhere we need. Some days the freeway is the fastest way to go, and other times the traffic just makes it not worth getting onto the on ramp. With 3 boys in high school now, (none of which have a driver’s license yet), we’re all about simplifying our commutes. Lucky for me, my boys think electric scooters are fairly hip so it makes getting from point A to point B easier on mom. 

Easy School Transportation with Jetson Scooter

The Jetson Quest Electric Scooter is sold at Best Buy and would make for easy school transportation if your high schoolers are down. The 250W hub motor lets you travel up to 18 miles at 15mph. My kids leave for school mighty early due to early morning seminary so mom likes the bright LED headlight and deck lights, for safe riding.

Easy School Transportation with Jetson Scooter

Worried about storage? This nifty scooter is portable because it folds down easily and can be stowed in the trunk of your car or under your desk. This scooter can support weights up to 220 lbs and teens or adults over 13 years of age. I’m seeing more and more scooters around campus because it saves on those commuter miles and kids feel pretty cool riding them.

My kids love their electric scooter for short jaunts to and from the market, or around campus. Head on over to Best Buy and check them out because the Jetson Quest Electric Scooter could be your ticket to easy school transportation!

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