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Farmhouse Chic Master Bath Reveal

Drum roll please…. Okay, okay, not just yet. The past six weeks have been quite the whirlwind. We started with an empty dark room with no windows, no light, plumbing or electrical. Our family had its ups and downs with impromptu surgery for me, 2 day power outages for fire safety, and all the pressure a big renovation puts on a family. I’m happy to report our Farmhouse Chic Master Bath is complete and this 6 week Jeffrey Court Renovation Challenge was amazing to be a part of. 

We’ve given a lot of tips and suggestions for bathroom remodels along the way, so check out Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 and Week 5, if you haven’t already! Allow me to remind you where we began 6 weeks ago. Keith had barely started putting a window in, but hadn’t framed it out or anything. 

Master Bath Before Picture
Just an empty room with lots of potential…

Master Bathroom Ceiling Before pictures

Bathroom Ceiling Before

Master Bathroom Before pictures

We had a temporary pocket door put in, but it was scraping and needed some adjustments. So, why not build one from scratch?

Master Bath Constructions Zone

During construction we encountered a lot of crowding and messes throughout the house and bathroom. I found it funny that the toilet seemed to end up in nearly every room. 

Singing in our brand new shower

While renovating can be super stressful at times, the payoff is so worth it. I now have a master bathroom in my beloved 1878 farmhouse!!! I’ve waited 3 long years for this moment and it has not only arrived, but it’s more gorgeous than I ever imagined it would be. Let’s do a little recap of what we accomplished this week, to get our final look.

Farmhouse Chic Master Bath

Install Wallpaper

  • Installed plumbing hardware to vanity and shower (6 shower heads to be exact)!! 
  • Built custom pocket door with shiplap on interior and framed mirror on exterior (this side faces our closet)
  • Installed shower glass (from The Glass Guru). This was quite challenging as it was a TIGHT FIT, but it’s gorgeous.
  • Built custom mirror, painted and installed
  • Set toilet
  • Put together and hung chandelier
  • Hung vanity light
  • Built and painted custom cabinet for towels, laundry and accessories
  • Put up wallpaper
  • Installed hardware: robe hook, toilet paper holder and towel ring
  • Cleaned up tools and construction debris
  • Decorated

DIY Duo Keith and Emily

It was a very busy week, but we’re here and we did it! I had surgery about 2 weeks into the challenge, which made for very interesting timing. Luckily my recovery has been easier than I anticipated so I’ve been able to help Keith here and there. He definitely carried the load, but I was here to cheerlead, hand him things, hold things, shop online for hardware and decorate. I actually did a little more than that, but don’t tell my doctor! 😉

Farmhouse Chic Master Bath Reveal

We tiled the bathroom floor early on so I could really get down and get dirty and help with that before I underwent the knife. The timing worked out just right so the first two weeks of recovery really were weeks where skill and knowledge were needed anyway. Keith has been amazing taking care of me, the kids and this bathroom!

Master Shower Tile from Jeffrey Court

I’m so thankful to Jeffrey Court for this amazing partnership! Without them and this crazy 6 week challenge who knows when our bathroom would have gotten done! Hopefully not another 3 years, but you never know. Sometimes it takes a little kick in the pants and some friendly competition. I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished projects! 

Pocket Door from Closet to Bathroom

This is the custom pocket door Keith built. Here is our closet side with a huge mirror for getting dressed. 

Master Bath Shiplap Pocket Door

The other side of the pocket door is painted shiplap. I love how it turned out and it’s totally custom!

Custom bathroom cabinet

Keith built a custom cabinet for lots of storage in our bathroom…

Laundry storage in master bathroom

Plus space for a nice big laundry basket!

Farmhouse Chic Master Bath Reveal

I can’t gush about my new shower enough. We essentially have two showers in one, so Keith and I can get ready at the same time should we choose. Talk about a spa shower! That is 6 shower heads right there and they’re all amazing! Our diverter allows for two shower heads to work at a time – the main plus handheld or the main plus rain can. I’m ready to jump on in!

Farmhouse Chic Master Bath Spa Shower

We installed corner benches on both sides, for sitting or resting feet for shaving or scrubbing. The special tile cuts for these triangles were tricky but we did it and they look great, and are super functional!

Farmhouse Chic Master Bath Reveal

Our vanity was ordered from Wayfair and Keith built a mirror to match. Home Depot color matched the paint, which was perfect because we used it on the mirror, door trim and cabinet face frame. I love the pop of color against the white.

Bathroom chandelier

I went back and forth on whether or not the space was big enough for a chandelier. Having a chandelier just seems so fancy and fun so I went with it and it totally works. I ordered this small Minka Lavery chandelier from Amazon. 

Farmhouse Chic Master Bath Reveal

Designing, building and decorating this Farmhouse Chic Master Bath from scratch has been extremely rewarding. This was by far the most difficult job Keith and I have tackled together and it’s my absolute favorite!

Farmhouse Chic Vanity

The bronze fixtures all came from Signature Hardware and cost more than I would have liked, but I’m so happy with how they look. Matching bronze hardware and fixtures is challenging so don’t even try to count how many different finishes we have. That’s part of what makes it farmhouse though, right?

Farmhouse Chic Toilet

Probably my favorite decor pieces are these around the toilet. We had to have a matching bronze toilet lever of course! The potpourri matches the wallpaper extremely well, and I just love all the little touches from there on up.

Farmhouse Chic Bathroom Decor

I found the prints on Etsy and they’re bathroom patents for Gillette razors and the hairbrush! There are so many vintage patents to choose from that it was a tough choice! Maybe I’ll swap them out from time to time. 

Bathroom Face from towels

This photo is purely for funsies. I’ve been sending my mom photos along the way to get decorating feedback and when I sent her this photo she just laughed. She said it looks like someone peeping in on us in the shower. From then on, any towel color/configuration still looks like a face – cross-eyed, winking, looking in the mirror, etc. Too funny, but I kind of love it.

Farmhouse Chic Master Bath Reveal

Whether we’ve won the challenge with points or not, we’ve definitely won one heck of a Farmhouse Chic Master Bath! I have to say, the relationship between Keith and I is stronger and better for the ups and downs, decision making and working together that remodeling creates. Don’t forget to head over to Jeffrey Court and check out everyone’s reveals, and be sure to vote for us! We need a vacation!! 😉

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  • This is a really pretty bathroom makeover! I love the pops of color and the tile pattern.

  • Oh my goodness, I love how it turned out! Isn’t it so satisfying going through the process of remodeling??? It’s grueling but worth it!

  • The project turned out awesome! I like everything you did to remodel your master bath. It looks like a bath from a posh hotel!

  • What a cozy and beautiful place! Love to see every step f your work. The result is stunning!

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