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How Proper Nutrition Can Improve Overall Health

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How Proper Nutrition Can Improve Overall Health

This year has been one of lots of medical testing, diet adjustments, lifestyle changes and growth and understanding. I began 2019 with a lot of pain and feeling unwell, but was determined to get to the bottom of everything. We are our own best advocates and there were times I really had to stand up for myself and demand answers. I know my body pretty well and when it wasn’t reacting normally I knew I had to make some type of changes so I could feel well again. It took lots of research and tests to figure out which changes I needed to make. Through my health journey this year I learned just how much proper nutrition can improve overall health. I was going to say “good nutrition”, but what might be good for one person may not be right for another.

With assistance from our own doctor and ourselves, it’s up to us to figure out what proper nutrition is for our bodies. There are some given dietary recommendations we should all follow, such as consuming fruits and vegetables. I’m not a great fruit eater, but I will drink the occasional glass of juice. Keith and I are loving Ocean Spray® Pure Cranberry Juice for our smoothies, or as is with our breakfast. This juice is great way to get the health benefits of cranberries while not adding extra sugars. Each 8-ounce glass of Ocean Spray®Pure Cranberry Juice is equal to 1 cup of fruit, which is way more than I will get in any given day, without the juice.

One of the dietary changes I had to make this year was cutting out gluten. I have an autoimmune disorder and with research and aid from my doctors we determined gluten was one of the culprits making me sick. It’s not easy to make big dietary changes, but if they’re the right changes then our overall health may be improved. Combined with physical activity, proper nutrition can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk of chronic diseases.

Because I have a tendency (genetics if you will) to get kidney stones, I’ve also needed to increase my water and cranberry intake. Cranberries are known to aid urinary tract health and my urologist always has me push more water and more cranberry juice when I’m fighting a UTI or a kidney stone. Ocean Spray® Pure Cranberry Juice is closest to the whole fruit and filled with healthy benefits to fuel your everyday. Even better – you can pick up a bottle on your next run to Target, Walmart or Kroger!

Over the course of the year, I’ve been amazed at how much of my discomfort and lethargy have been related to my nutrition. I started the year with several vitamin deficiencies and malabsorption due to iron deficiency anemia, but with my iron levels up and some correction in my nutrition, I’m feeling way more energized! 

If you’re feeling crummy and don’t know why, consult with your doctor and see if some adjustments need to be made to your diet. When I have proper nutrition, my mental clarity is better, I have more energy and I just feel all around better! It truly is amazing how proper nutrition can improve overall health. 

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  • There isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to nutrition. Consulting with your dr can be the best plan of action. Cranberry juice, I’ve heard, is excellent for kidney health.

  • It’s amazing how having the proper nutrition can really help your overall health. I’ve noticed things myself while becoming more healthy. I know cranberries are amazing too. I love cranberry juice.

  • It’s amazing how having the proper nutrition can really help your overall health. I’ve noticed things myself while becoming more healthy. I know cranberries are amazing too. I love cranberry juice.

  • I definitely can tell a difference in how I’m feeling mentally and physically when I’m making smart healthy nutritional choices. I like the idea of adding cranberries to smoothies.

  • I am working on making huge changes in the nutrition department. I am working on seeing food as fuel that can also be delicious.

  • Diet is so important to our overall well-being. I love cranberry juice so I’m excited that this one has less sugar in it!

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