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Types and Benefits of Pet Doors

Pets are so much a part of our families and they’re so wonderful to have, but they’re not without effort. Over my years of being a pet owner I’ve learned that not all pets are as easy or hard as another. One consistent thing that has made pet owning more enjoyable is having a pet door. I’m all about less stress and less mess and having a doggy door for my pups has been about the best thing we’ve done for our pet owning sanity. In addition to the top benefits of pet doors I want to introduce you to the many types of pet doors. 

Types and Benefits of Pet Doors

Did you even know there is more than one kind of pet door? There really is an option for every kind of pet owner – whether you own your home and can make cuts in exterior walls or doors, or you’re a renter who can’t make any permanent changes. I had no idea how many pet door options there were until The Glass Guru informed me. Mind blown and I can’t wait to share the possibilities! But first, why get a pet door?

Top Benefits of Pet Doors


  • Helps your pet protect your home and family from intruders by scaring them off and/or warning you of unwanted visitors.
  • Allows your pet to escape the home if there is a fire or something unsafe indoors. 


  • One of the most obvious benefits of pet doors is to allow your pet to go outside and potty when the need strikes. 
  • Allows your pet to get outdoors for exercise and play
  • Being outside can provide mental stimulation to help keep your pet from getting bored and possibly destroying any of your items.

Ease and Peace of Mind

  • Your dog or cat being able to let themselves in or out can make your life easier! Not having to drop everything to take the dog out for potty breaks can really help ease the stress.
  • Less indoor barking
  • Fewer mandatory walks

Happy Healthy dog

Are you sold on getting a pet door yet? Now about what kind to get. That’s up to you, but there are some seriously cool options out there.

Types of Pet Doors

In-Glass Pet Doors

In-Glass Pet Door from The Glass Guru

If you have a glass patio door and don’t want to cut a hole in the exterior of your house, the in-glass pet door is a beautiful option. A great bonus is if you ever resell your home to a non pet owner, they can always swap the door out and no harm done. The uniquely designed in-glass pet door creates a clean look that compliments your sliding glass patio or french door without the hassle of full height door inserts that block your doorway and don’t seal properly. The frame color options are endless so you can get a look you’re sure to love. Get an estimate from The Glass Guru because they’re professionals who can get you what you want.

In-Screen Pet Doors

In-screen pet doors from The Glass Guru

The in-screen pet door can be used with an in-glass pet door or alone. Screen doors are easy and affordable to replace should you need to, but it does mean needing to open the door if you don’t get an in-glass pet door as well. The in-screen pet door is installed right into your existing screen door and is a cost-effective solution that gives your dog or cat access when the weather is nice and you want to keep your door open to feel the fresh air. Didn’t know you could add a pet door to an existing screen door? Call The Glass Guru to find out how they work their magic. 

In-Door Pet Doors

Available in a range of sizes, The Glass Guru can install a door for your dog or cat of any size, right into your existing wood or fiberglass door. Whether you want the install on an exterior or interior door, your wish is their command. With dual flaps to keep your inside air in and the outside air out, the in-door pet door is sure to be energy efficient.

Sliding Glass Door Insert

The last option works for sliding glass doors and requires the door to always be left partially open. The sliding glass door insert goes between the seal and the door’s opening. This works great, but keep in mind the security or lack thereof that comes with this option. 

Did you learn about a new type of pet door? I’d love to hear which doggy door or cat door you’ve used and if there’s something new you might like to try! I’m eager to get my hands on an in-glass pet door for Lucy!

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  • I think there are many benefits to pet doors. I don’t have any dogs, just cats, but I’m sure these would be great for those with dogs. I’m always worried about other animals coming in through them though.

  • My family has bought pet doors before for their dogs, and they work great. I often wondered how many options there were out there, and now I know some ideas!

  • I like the idea of a pet door so the dog can go potty whenever it needs to. I don’t have a dog yet but can see us getting a door if we do get one.

  • I really want to put one on my backdoor. My beagles have a nice big fenced in yard to run around in.

  • This is really informative! I think our pets should really have their doors for emergencies. Thanks for sharing this!

  • This is a great article and very informative! Helping our pets lead a more independent life is important especially during emergencies.

  • Our dog would love it if we could set up a pet door for him. His BFF, our cat, would escape though so he can’t have it.

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