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Easy and Affordable DIY Flooring Options

This post was sponsored by Achim Home D├ęcor as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Keep reading for easy and affordable DIY flooring options from Walmart.

Easy and Affordable DIY Flooring Options from Walmart 

Easy and Affordable DIY Flooring Options from Walmart

As you all know, it’s always DIY and renovation time at my house because that’s just how we roll. It’s common for there to be much to be done to get a home just the way you want it. There are many tasks that may need professional services such as hardwood flooring installation. However, isn’t it nice when you find a good ol’ DIY project that you can tackle on your own? I recently learned about this easy and affordable DIY flooring options from Walmart and was blown away at the possibilities by Achim Home Decor.

Tackling a home project can be daunting if it’s your first, but what if I told you there are peel and stick flooring tiles anyone can install? Whether you are working on a bathroom or laundry remodel (next up at my house) or revamping an office or game room with new carpet, there’s something for everyone at Walmart! However, doing tis yourself can be a large task, so if you prefer having it done professionally then consider hiring someone if you plan on doing something like new wood flooring or even a commercial epoxy floor installation.

Once the project is complete, don’t forget to contact a reliable carpet cleaning service like carpet cleaning columbia sc to keep your carpets looking fresh and clean.

First, know your DIY flooring options:

Nexus Carpet Tiles from Walmart

Nexus Carpet Tiles:

  • Each tile is 12″ x 12″ with 12 tiles per box.
  • Installation is a breeze with each peel and still carpet tile that just needs a flat and dry surface.
  • Go bold and mix and match the different colors to create a pattern!
  • The Next Carpet Tiles are ideal for your home, office, basement or garage.

Portfolio Plank & Tile

  • 12 sq ft per box
  • The Portfolio Tile Collection is comprised of 2.0mm Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • No tools, glue or additional adhesives. Just peel and stick to a flat and dry subfloor. 
  • Ideal for any room in your home or office

Easy and Affordable DIY Flooring Options from Walmart

Vinyl Floor Tile

  • 20 sq ft per box with 12″ x 12″ Vinyl Floor Tiles.
  • Ideal for any room in your home including the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, foyers and basements!
  • Peel and stick each tile to a flat and dry surface. 

When you choose a reliable flooring contractors like Charlotte Flooring Contractors for your floor installation needs, you are also working with top-notch licensed and insured professionals. They not only have the best flooring experts, but they also provide exceptional customer service!

Are you feeling inspired yet? I haven’t even mentioned pricing yet. Many boxes of flooring by Achim Home Decor are under $10 per box or around $1 per square foot! I’m a big proponent of expanding one’s skills and being brave enough to tackle home projects. Not all projects right away, but I really think this is one project you can handle. You also have to give these Garage Floor Coatings a try. I’d say now with social distancing taking place, it’s the perfect time to tackle those home projects you’ve been itching to get to. Peel and stick flooring, everyone!! Start small and with a smaller room like a laundry room and you’ll be rolling in no time. 

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Easy and Affordable DIY Flooring Options

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