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Watercolor for Kids Online Class + Promo Code

Whether you’re hosting a playdate, party, or wanting to unleash your inner artist, Emily Lex’s Watercolor for Kids online class is a great use of time. See how we’re utilizing these online art classes and how you can save 15% on your class(es). This is a sponsored post by Emily Lex, but all opinions expressed are my own.

With the school year winding down kids are on the cusp of loads of free time. What better way to spend their time than taking a Learn To Watercolor Paint Course? In fact, Emily Lex has online art classes for adults and children, and frankly, doing watercolor with your kids is a great way to spend quality time together. Having a piece of art to hang up when you’re done is a bonus!

Ways to Use the Class

I have the privilege or working with a small group of 12 and 13 year old girls through a youth group at our church. Now that we’re able to meet together, we thought it would be so much fun to learn a new skill or broaden that artistic talent. Emily Lex’s Watercolor for Kids class is geared toward ages 6-12 and it truly was perfect for the one hour youth group activity for these 5 girls.

Learning to paint with watercolor is a great way to bond with your kids. 

Host a watercolor party!

Unwind from a long day or week and express yourself through artistic means. I personally love using music and other forms of art to unwind and express myself.

About the Class

Watercolor for Kids online class

This class is that it is broken down into 13 bite-sized videos and you can watch at your leisure. The first few videos are a welcome from Emily Lex and her kiddos, technique and color mixing lessons. She’ll even teach you how to make a color palette with 72 shades from your basic 8 color watercolor tray! 

Because the videos are separated by topic or project you can start and stop, or skip to wherever you leave off. You can watch each video as many times as you’d like! There are 4 different watercolor projects Emily Lex will walk you through in the watercolor for kids online class. Plus, print bonus coloring pages to use as a template for future watercolor art.

The watercolor for kids online class costs only $29, but with my special coupon CLEVERHOUSEWIFE15 you can save 15%! For a total of $24.65, you can give your child a new skill and creative outlet, and it’ll provide you with keepsakes and beautiful art to hang!


Emily Lex will completely walk you through which supplies you need, but the fantastic news is you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started. She gives recommendations on her favorite supplies, but even says you can get started with even the cheapest watercolor paints. Emily recommends a certain type of paper and watercolor brushes, but it doesn’t cost much at all!

Other Offerings

In addition to the watercolor for kids course, Emily Lex has a Simplified Watercolor class that would make for a fun date night, girls’ night or even some alone time. 

Learn how to write nicely with the Simplified Penmanship online class. I don’t think I have great handwriting so this is something I definitely want to improve. This class is next up on my list. Brielle has great handwriting and it’s something she’s always looking to improve. She loves having different handwriting styles so she’s especially excited about this class.

Order flower workbooks and animal workbooks complete with original artwork and sketches by Emily Lex. Practice your painting with 42 spiral bound lay flat pages that are 7″x9″. These workbooks are great for homeschool activities, art time or make for a great gift. 


Promo Code for Emily Lex Online Classes

Order your workbook and classes today because guess what – my CLEVERHOUSEWIFE15 coupon will take 15% off any Emily Lex class! Simply add your desired course(s) to your cart and checkout. A box will popup where you can enter my special discount code. Then get started whenever you’re ready.

Happy Painting!

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