Giveaway: Mother’s Day Gift Pack from Hallmark

I really enjoy watching the new products that Hallmark comes up with for every major Holiday, to help us celebrate. This Mother’s Day, Hallmark has some great gifts and cards that will not only show Mom how much she means to you, but they will help Moms and Grandmas preserve a moment in time.

Our little ones grow up so fast that it can be easy to let those funny and special moments pass by, without taking note of it somewhere. Aside from blogging, I am not a great journal keeper. I know there are many funny things that my kids have said and done, that I wish I had written down, or preserved in some way. Hallmark would like to give Moms and Grandmas the opportunity to revisit a special moment when their little ones aren’t so little anymore.

I feel lucky this Mother’s Day because I received an early Mother’s Day gift: the Hallmark’s Mother’s Day Moment in Time Gift Pack. This package included a variety of gifts and cards that help to capture a child’s personality.

You can watch a short video review of the items I received, but I also have them listed below:


The first of the items that I received is Hallmark’s Recordable Artwork: Canvas Art Kit, which comes with a canvas panel, Crayola washable paints and the ability to record your child’s voice, telling you all about their painting. Not only will you be able to preserve your child’s artwork, but also their voice!

Another cool item that came in my gift pack is the Conversations to Keep: Recordable Book. This book is unique because it containts open-ended questions for your children to answer. I love this because we can record and remember the funny personalities that our children have.

The last item(s) in the gift pack are Mother’s Day Greetings (A variety of 3 Mother’s Day cards). The cards I received were just right for my mom, mother-in-law, and grandma. Each card had something unique about it, that made them perfect for each person I was giving them to. All of the mentioned items can be gotten at your local Hallmark store.

One Clever Housewife reader will win a similar Hallmark’s Mother’s Day Moment in Time gift pack. Because Mother’s Day is approaching so quickly, this gift pack will not arrive by Mother’s Day, but will still be a treat. The giveaway will end at 11:59pm on Saturday 5/12.

Here are the rules for contest entry:

The first entry is the only mandatory entry. All other entries are optional, but will increase your chances of winning. 

1. Leave a comment on this blog post, telling me of a memory you have with your mom, or mother figure.

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I received a free Mother’s Day Moment in Time Gift Pack, in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. Hallmark is also providing Mother’s Day Moment in Time Gift Pack for one Clever Housewife reader.

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  • My favorite ones are of baking with my mom and helping her in our garden.

  • i remeber being very young and cooking in the kitchen with my mom. we had on matching aprons while she was trying to teach my to stir cake batter…just her patience back then makes me impressed now as a mom myself 🙂

  • I am lucky in my life to have had a mother who was my best friend. I adore her still to this day. Our most memorable moment was when I was bringing into the world her very first grandchild. She was there holding my hand and watching it all happen. She never had natural childbirth and to witness me do it was the highlight of her life. I will never forget the look on her face as he came into the world, she was in love. She lived with me for the first 4 months after he was born. She soon moves several states away to make better of her life and 2 years later, she was gone. I miss my mother dearly, she was my best friend (OMG I’m cryin). About 3 years after she had died, my father met the most wonderful woman. Its like my mother came form heaven to hand pick her for us. And now I call her momma, I have my mom and my momma. Momma got to be there for the 3rd time around when I had my youngest child. And there she was, holding my hand as I brought into the world the only grandchild she had Witnessed being brought into the world. I love her she came to help fill the void in my life and that of my father and brother. We have been blessed to have the best mothers that god could offer us. I am so very thankful for the wonderful memories I have had with both my mom and my momma.

  • I did all of the entries above. My twitter name is @badasbass an I am from Indiana.

  • My favorite memories with my grandmother is when I we used to travel. Also teaching her how to use the internet

  • My mother died when I was 4 so have little memories of her but i remember her pink nighty with the featers around her neck she wore and the smell of roses

  • My mom and i are both insomniacs so i remember going shopping withher at super kmart at all hours of the night. It was great just to be able to besilly and have fun just the two of usand the night staff.

  • When my son was still pretty brand new, every time I saw my mother in law, she would hug me good-bye and tell me I was doing a good job. 🙂

  • I have checked and yes I am following you in twitter (although I don’t use twitter) I have completed the other steps, including liking hallmarkPR. Thank you for sharing this with us all. 🙂

  • I have a funny (but scarey) memory of my Mom that comes to mind I’m feeling compelled to share. I was preg. in ’96 and for health reasons staying at my Mothers house and one night with one of those great middle of the night bathroom runs we both got the shock of a lifetime as I went into the bathroom and went to take a seat when I hear her scream and I shrieked as she was already seated there! Our lesson I guess for not turning the light on while half asleep during a bathroom run! LOL

  • I love that my mom has always been there when I needed her. She would drop whatever she was doing for my children and I 🙂

  • My mother in law is incredible. She accepted me with open arms from day one. I do not know if I could have been as warm as she was. My husband and I were both 19 when we met. I was also 6 months pregnant, and we were married exactly 2 1/2 moths from the day we met. She is an angel.

  • One of my favorite memories is sitting in the lazy boy with my mom and her trying to teach me how to blow bubbles with my bubble gum.

  • I took my Mom to Las Vegas one year for Mother’s Day, we had a great time!

  • when i was little, i remember making Slovenian cookies around Christmas time with my mom.

  • I think my most important memories of my mom growing up was the fact that despite having 7 children (6 boys born in 6 years), she managed to hold down a full time job, carpool each one of us to the many sports and extra-curricular activities we all belonged to, cooked a huge dinner at night and woke us up each morning with the sweetest breath! I was in awe of how together my mother was all the time, despite the hardships and long hours. I remember her sewing until 2-3 a.m. and then being up with a huge breakfast for us 7 kids before the bus left for school. Despite a terrible mom-teen relationship, as an adult I realized just how blessed I was to have such an incredible woman as my mother. At 82, she is still there for each and every one of her children, grandchildren and great-grand children. My mom is what the definition of a mother should be!

  • I feel homesick thinking about my mom since she is sooo far away from me.I miss her cooking so much,I like it when we spend time in the kitchen together cooking the food that I like and missed.I have to wait one more year to see her again,oh how I wish that Philippines is just a drive away.

  • I remember my Mom taking us to Waterworld as kids. She didn’t enjoy the water, but we all loved to swim. One time she was sweating and her sunscreen got into her eyes!

  • Followed Hallmark and clever housewife on Facebook. signed up for e-mails too.

  • I remember my Mom walking in when I was showing my sister that I could juggle eggs. She hollered at me, causing me to drop them.

  • I remember my mom driving her red camero around town with us in it with the t-tops off making all my friends jelous.

  • My Mom once won $32,000 at Bingo! and I remember her calling me~I thought that she was kidding! But~she wasn’t she really did win that many years ago..I sure miss her tis year..

  • My memory is that every time my mom and I were in a particular part of town we would be sure to stop by a church where we could light candles and then we would go to the same restaurant to eat. I loved going there because it was the kind of place that I was allowed to draw on the table so it was super cool to me.

  • There are many I am blessed. A fave would be when she brought me to The Girl’s Club Every week walking with my 3 younger siblings (my father had our car at work.) She would make a journey of it making it fun for all.
    Gladys P
    sps1113 at yahoo dot com

  • My best memory with my mother is the one we made today as she attended my graduation from college. She was smiling so big and gave a beautiful toast at the party.

  • One of my favorites times with my mom was every summer laying on floats out on the lake and just talking about nothing but enjoying every minute of it, relaxing and no worries at that very moment.

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