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Company Chicken Casserole

Company Chicken Casserole is one of those mm mm good comfort food recipes that the whole family will love.


Are you here to find something to warm your belly? You’ve come to the right place.  

My Company Chicken Casserole is one of those kinds of dishes that you cook when you need some good old fashioned comfort food. It’s creamy, it’s warm, and it hits all the right spots. This casserole dish is fairly easy and inexpensive, and is fabulous to serve for the family, or when you have company over. I grew up eating this Chicken Casserole, and it was always a hit. It is titled “Company Chicken Casserole” because it was often a dish my mom made when we had company over. Serve with or without broccoli – tasty either way!

Company Chicken Casserole

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casserole dish

One thing that casseroles require is one really good go-to casserole dish. Want to know what dish I LOVE to use for every all-purpose casserole that calls for a 9×13? This dish is my favorite 9×13 casserole dish. Pyrex is a great go-to for cakes and casseroles!

Pioneer Woman Bakeware

When I’m trying to wow a crowd with not only the food, but also my bakeware, I go for something pretty. If you want the same floral dish I have in the photo, that would be the ruffle top bakeware from Pioneer Woman. Aren’t they just so cute? These aren’t your typical 9×13, but for my Company Chicken Casserole, they will totally work! You can purchase a set of two on Amazon here

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  • I make this all the time! My husband and kids love it! I also like to use crushed Ritz crackers instead of the stuffing mix.

  • I made this last night. I am not a fan of cream of chicken soup so used cream of mushroom instead. I eliminated the butter altogether and used the chicken broth in the stuffing mix. I used fresh broccoli and cauliflower along with fresh mushrooms (sliced) and mixed in about a 1/4 cup shredded cheese. Simple and definitely comfort food for a colder evening.

  • I just made this recipe and I think it would have saved so much time to just use a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket! Poaching and shredding this chicken added an extra 1/2 hr

  • You can definitely use a rotisserie chicken Suzanne. It just may mean an extra trip to the store and a tad more money is all. Totally not a problem, but wanted to give this option too. Plus, sometimes I find rotisserie chicken to be a bit tougher.

  • Hi. This looks great. Just one question, on the stuffing mix, do you use the dry mix from the box, or do you have to make it first?

  • I have this in the oven now, so fingers crossed it turns out well!! I wanted to comment about the ingredients though. You state to use 4 cups of the Pepperidge farms stuffing mix—well if my math is right the 4 cups would be 32 oz. the stuffing mix comes in 14 oz bags. I bought two bags hoping that I would not run out. I ended up having at least a cup extra and I only had 28oz. I do think I would need two bags but I would not buy another to make 4 cups. Also–The chicken–I used 3 large chicken breast from sams and they were more than enough–So as far as the chicken breast I would say 3-4 depending on the size. I used a large casserole dish, but it was full to the brim….not sure how it would have done if I put anything else in it. I also ended up with a little extra broth so I added that to the stuffing that goes on top as it still looked very dry. I am hoping it turns out as good as everyone says!

  • ok…well my thoughts about the stuffing were right…way too much. I am not sure what went wrong but the topping is like eating stuffing from the box. I think if this had some gravy on it, then it may not be so dry. even the cream isn’t that creamy. fail on this. glad others had success!

  • I’m so sorry you didn’t have a good experience with it Jo! I wonder what happened. Sometimes when one makes changes, it affects the dish as a whole, but I can’t say for sure if that was the problem. Thanks for trying!

  • Just made this for dinner! Delicious!! My husband was in love, and this will be added to the regular rotation for sure!

    Because it’s just my husband and I, I made the recipe smaller:

    One big chicken breast
    1.5 cups stovetop stuffing (all that I had on hand)
    8oz container of sour cream
    1 can cream of chicken soup
    13 oz package broth
    Slightly less than 1/2 stick butter
    1/4 onion

    I used a deep round casserole and put the veggies in frozen, so I cooked it for an hour. Covered it with foil halfway through so the stuffing didn’t burn. Thought someone might like this smaller variation!

  • This is in response to Jo. Stuffing comes in 14 oz. bag, but that is over 6 cups. Measure it in a measuring cup. You confused liquid measure, where 1 cup is 8 oz. of liquid. Looks like you worked so hard trying to calculate this recipe. I hope you try it again, using 4 measuring cups of the stuffing.

  • Yes you can Jonna. It will taste different, but would definitely cut the time down for you. I would guess maybe 2 cans of chicken.

  • I will make this again but I will use rotisserie chicken and make more sauce. I love casseroles. Thanks

  • I tried this last night but I was disappointed, too bland and dry. Plus the sour cream taste was overpowering. Suggestions on spices to use – paprika? Chili powder? I think I would use less sour cream and more broth, maybe even more butter for the stuffing so it doesn’t soak up all the liquid. Add more veggies for color? Diced tomatoes? Would appreciate any thoughts.

  • I’m so sorry it didn’t turn out as you’d like. I’ve never had an issue with dryness, so I’m wondering if perhaps you used too much stuffing? A bag may have more than the number of cups needed. Try reducing that and seeing how it turns out. Paprika would pair nicely, as would oregano. You could add a chili powder if you want a spicier casserole, but that’s not my preference as I like it to be a subtle warm comfort food. Tomatoes are too soft, but you could try adding a bell pepper.

  • May I please be allowed to complain ??? OK, I waited 30 seconds and did not get a reply, so I will just go ahead and bitch….

    If you took all the chicken recipes that are bouncing around the world, I believe you would find 99% of them call for chicken breasts. Do people who make-up recipes not know that ALL chickens have other parts besides breast? Parts that are much more tasty than breasts.

    Oops, I am sorry for the flare-up, but I really needed to get this off my breast….I mean chest !!!

  • So many recipes call for sour cream. Is there a substitute for this other than Greek or plain yogurt? Thanks!

  • Hm, I understand your dilemma Stan. Here are some common substitutes for 1 cup of sour cream:1 cup plain yogurt OR 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar plus enough cream to make 1 cup OR 3/4 cup buttermilk mixed with 1/3 cup butter

  • I so want to Pin this recipe. I have made it and love it! Only problem is, you have no pictures of this dish at all, when i go to Pin it. A bunch of desserts come up with the name “Company Chicken Casserole”, like “Cakes, cookies and then Legoland Blogger and bread under “Clever Housewife”. LOL Just no picture of the actual casserole. =( Can you fix this? 😉 Thanks so much! Thanks for the great recipe!!

  • Hi Kandie,

    Thank you so much for bringing the issue to my attention! I just did a little refiguring and everything seems to be working now. Pin away!!

  • I have made this many times and my guest really love it! Thank you for the awesome recipe!

  • I made this with the leftover Christmas turkey and dressing. Being from the South and raised on homemade cornbread dressing we are just not fans of any of the packaged stuffing. I did add the frozen broccoli and being as I used what was on hand it was super simple to put together and. Dry tasty. Not sure it is something I would make for company unless they were unexpected but will certainly make again for us.

  • My husband will not eat broccoll, but I love it. When I make anything like this or chicken divan, I make 1/2 the dish with french green beans and half with broccoli. I can’t wait to try this one. I will also be making the smaller size as there are just the two of us at home now. The full size will be great for family dinners or church potlucks. Thank you

  • Definitely, Chris! Just prepare everything, cover and refrigerate until ready to bake. You’ll just need to add a bit of extra baking time to make up for the chill.

  • I live in Australia and want to make this recipe…but we dont have the stuffing mix required…what can be used instead…thanks…

  • Absolutely awesome! Reminds me of Paula Deans Chicken Divan! But half the work and WAY less cost! So much better!

  • I made this for a homeless shelter for families last month, they LOVED it. Making it again tomorrow.

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