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Watermelon Stars – Perfect for 4th of July

Watermelon Stars

Watermelon Stars


My family and I had a barbecue for Mother’s Day, and what barbecue isn’t complete without watermelon? I’m still working on picking out the most perfect Watermelon, but I haven’t mastered it yet. I have heard some say to pick the ones that have lots of light colored veins (so to speak). I’m not quite sure what that means, but I definitely want to aim for juicy, flavorful melons. You can definitely pick a bad one, and it can ruin your taste for watermelon. I have some friends who hate watermelon because they’ve had a couple of bad ones. So sad for that to spoil the goodness for you! If you have any melon picking tips, please share!

Back to the fun stuff. To make things fun for our family bbq, my mom turned our watermelon into stars. I thought these would be perfect for any upcoming Memorial Day or 4th of July barbecues. You could add blueberries and bananas, if you want to go with the whole red, white and blue theme.

Simply slice your whole watermelon into circles, about 1/2 ” – 1″ thick. Then use a star-shaped cookie cutter, to get your stars. Any shape will work really! I am always looking for new ways to enjoy watermelon.

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