4th of July Wreath Inspiration

4th of July Wreath


I just wanted to show you a simple way to decorate your front door, with a 4th of July Wreath. This particular wreath doesn’t have an awful lot of flowers, picks or ribbons in it. I like to keep things simple a lot of the time – especially for these kinds of holidays where I don’t have a lot of decorations. In fact – I kept things super simple this year, and let my mom put up a wreath so I could take a picture of it! 😉 Whenever I want to put a wreath up, I turn to my mom for inspiration and ideas. She is my go-to arrangement lady.

If you want a fancy wreath without having to do a lot, get the ones that fan out such as this one. Then find a ribbon that you like a lot and carefully twist and tuck it into the wreath, wherever you’d like. Then make a bow to go at the top. I will post a bow tutorial soon. We just got two matching flower picks to go in at the center of the top of the wreath. You can leave the wreath as is, or hang something patriotic from the center of the wreath, like we did with the star.

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