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Amniocentesis Results Are In

After a couple of very devastating doctor appointments, and finding out that it appeared my baby had multiple deformities and complications, it was time to get some concrete results. If you are just now following along, you can read from the beginning, with Finding Out There Is Something Wrong With My Baby. The very frustrating thing about ultrasounds is that they are not 100% accurate. Some things the doctors would say they knew for sure, and others, they were not so sure about. For example, each time I went in for an ultrasound, they would tell me that they weren’t sure if my baby’s hands were clenched. They knew something was wrong with her feet, but they weren’t sure if they were clubbed or rocker bottom. These things may not matter, but knowing what they were, might have helped to tell us what syndrome she might have. The thing about an amniocentesis is that it tests the chromosomes, and supposedly doesn’t lie.

Just for a little recap, at my last appointment, my doctor told me that she suspected my baby to be a Trisomy 13 or Trisomy 18 baby. She said those babies don’t live very long, so if something happened during pregnancy, they would not intervene. They would just let her die in utero. No matter what came my way, I absolutely knew that I could not handle having my baby die in utero, late in the game, and for them to have to pull her out in pieces. So I waited anxiously to see if my baby was a Trisomy baby.

Because of how horrible my last appointment had gone, I opted to try to never see that particular doctor again. She was very cold, and I didn’t need that at this time. My appointment came and the amniocentesis results are in.

My baby was not a Trisomy Baby! What a HUGE relief this was to me. She still had a lot of problems, we didn’t know what syndrome she had, but it was at least looking like she COULD live. The doctor said it was full court press now. They would do all they could to keep my baby alive. Now it was time to wait and she if she would.

The next step was to keep an eye on my precious baby, and to be referred to a cardiologist who would do some more extensive ultrasounds to find out the extent of Gianna’s heart problems.¬†Finally an appointment with a bit of good news! Still very scared, but could breathe a tad now. My next post will tell about my Cardiologist appointments.

You can read my next post about my Appointment with the Cardiologist, and a Ventricular Septal Defect in my Unborn Baby.


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