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So Tired It Hurts

Have you ever felt so tired it hurts? You know – the kind of tired where your eyes ache and you just yearn to close them, even if only for a few moments. But you know that if they close for a few moments, you are likely to conk out for a good little while, so you don’t dare close them. Then of course there are the bags and dark circles under the eyes, that accompany this feeling. Most of us get it once in a while, if not more, I’m sure.

I get this feeling of extreme tiredness every so often, and it can be hard to kick. Sometimes I feel like a really good night’s rest, with uninterrupted sleep, might do the trick. I don’t think I’ll ever know because it never happens! The most common reasons for my tiredness is that I stay up too late, I often have a little girl who climbs in bed with me (and she is ACTIVE), then there are the children who need me early in the morning, or someone calls and wakes me up before I’m ready to be woken up.

One of these days I will check into a hotel all by myself and just sleep until my heart’s content! Chances are, if I ever do this, I won’t actually sleep! After a day or so of getting this feeling, it eventually subsides until the next wave of tiredness.

Because I am basically a single working mother during the week, I push on through the tired feeling and go about my business. Many of us don’t have the luxury of taking a break from our duties, so we can catch up on sleep. I envy those who do! I keep setting a goal for myself to get to bed at a reasonable hour (that which is not midnight or later), but then I find more work to do.

What do you do to get yourself feeling more rested, and avoid this “So Tired It Hurts” feeling? Are you successful? I’d love some dialogue here because I imagine we all go through this.

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